How To Enhance The Life Of Flowers In A Bouquet

By Micheal Calimlim

All of us like flowers and we often give or receive flower bouquets on almost any event like a birthday or an anniversary. However, one big problem with a bouquet is that the leaves and flowers wither very soon and the bouquet thus loses all its appeal and charm. One solution is to gift fake flowers that will never dry up, but they are a poor alternative for the fresh ones with their unique natural colour and sweet scent.

Undying freshness of bouquets can never be achieved, yet their withering can be slowed down notably by a few methods. Here are some suggestions that will ensure that your flowers remain fresh for a longer span.

Firstly, you must enquire from the florist the time span that the flowers in the bouquet are likely to live, as it is a well known fact that some flowers remain in bloom for a longer time, like roses and lilies. You have to tell the florist to make the bouquet with flowers that remain in bloom for a longer time than others.

To keep a flower bunch that you have received from someone fresh, you can keep it in a vase filled with water after you cut its stems. This makes the bouquet live longer than it usually would. If one or two flowers or leaves begin drying up, you can remove them so that the rest of the bouquet continues to look fresh.

You must place the vase at a location where it is able to receive enough sunlight and fresh air from outside. Flowers dry up soon when they do not receive sufficient air and sunlight, and if you offer them these natural elements, you can be sure that your bouquet will survive for a much longer time. Nevertheless, the sunlight reaching on the flowers must not be harsh as that way the moisture will be lost and they will die quickly. - 29857

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