5 Tips For Maintaining Your Wooden Fencing

By Spencer Wilkins

If you want a decorative barrier around your garden then installing wooden fencing should be considered. However if not cared for properly it will soon look out of condition. So before you do decide to install this kind of fencing take into account how much you will need to spend each year on maintaining it. If you are unwilling to spend the money needed to care for your wooden fencing then in a few years you may have to spend even more on completely replacing it.

You can if you want employ someone to maintain the fence for you but again this will cost and so most homeowners will rather do this work themselves. In this article we offer some tips which you may find helpful in relation to caring for your wooden fencing properly.

Tip 1 - Every few months it is crucial that you inspect the fence installed carefully for any damage. Look for things such as the wood splintering or the paint or stain peeling or mould growing. Also you need to make sure that no birds or insects have chosen to set up nests in or on it.

When you are inspecting the fence check to make sure that there is no termite infestations. If you do notice any then you will need to get this problem treated as quickly as possible. You can carry out this work yourself but it is far better if you employ the services of an expert in such infestations as they will have the necessary equipment to get rid of them.

Tip 2 " As you carry out your inspection should you notice any areas of the fence are protruding or rough then sand these down immediately to prevent causing injury to others. Sometimes it only needs you to sand the area down yourself will suffice to get the work completed.

Tip 3 - If you are going to be painting your new fence after it has been installed then remember every couple of years you will need to retouch it. Again as mentioned above you need to inspect the fence and where the paint has begun to flake or has been chipped away will need to be repaired. First off remove the flaking or chipped paint so that you create an even surface which allows the new paint adhere to the wood better. Another thing would be beneficial to your fence is to apply a protective coating to the wood before repainting.

Tip 4 - If you are painting the wooden fencing in your garden that has been newly installed go for a colour which matches or complements other colours in your garden design. However, if you would not like to paint your fence and keep it looking natural using a stain instead. Both painting or staining are perfect for wooden fencing and will provide them with plenty of protection throughout the year against the elements.

Tip 5 " When you are applying any paint or stain to wooden fencing you must make sure you follow the manufacturers instructions properly. Plus it is worthwhile allowing the first coat to dry completely before applying any additional ones as this will ensure that you coat the fencing evenly.

Above we have provided a number of tips that will help you to maintain your garden wooden fencing after it has been installed. If you take the right steps to care for this type of fencing along with it lasting for many years to come it will also remain looking good. - 29857

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