You Can Get Rid Of Gophers

By Michelle Rudge

It can be a painfully frustrating process trying to get rid of gophers from your lawn. But instead of trying every possible trick, method and system, why not find someone who has tried them all and then let them tell you the best way to get rid of gophers.

Educating yourself about the habits and behaviors of these annoying pests is the first step in getting rid of them for good. Find out why it is that they are burrowing under your lawn (and causing you so many headaches!) and you'll then be able to find what get rid of them for good.

When a gopher is burrowing under your garden, there is more than just superficial damage occurring. While gophers don't eat the roots of plants, their digging pulls up the roots and exposes to them to external damage. The digging can also cause rocks to be exposed and that can be damaging to any garden machinery you may be using. Also, the piles of dirt that accumulate at the entrance to their holes, are fresh soil for weeds to take root.

You can try one of the many products or methods for getting rid of gophers: * Trapping - this seems to be the most common method talked about. There is however, a bit of a knack to getting this right and it may take a bit of practice before you have success. Not good for the squeamish among us that hate having to deal with the trapped animals! * Exclusion - this can be impractical especially if you have a large area to contain. But this method can work well if you have ornamental trees or gardens, or young plants that you want to protect. They can be fenced of with small mesh fencing or plastic netting. (Moles are not herbivores, so they're not going to eat your trees, shrubs or flowers; however, their digging does expose roots, upset the soil around them, and allows fresh tilled soil for weed infestation) * Flooding or Gassing - this method is often unsuccessful due to the moles ability to close off tunnels and retreat to a safe area of the burrows. * Poison pellets - are easy to use but there is a risk of the moles coming topside to die and then being eaten by household or other animals. * Repellents - there are synthetic predator odors that can be bought and I have also heard of using soiled kitty litter.

The method of getting rid of gophers is not so important as whether it is successful or not! I found a method that was both fool-proof and has kept the gophers away still. I've written a blog where I talk about my experiences and the help I got. - 29857

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