Add A Soul To Your House

By Scott Rodgers

Making ones house look appealing may turn out to be a wild-goose chase for many. But by following a well-defined course of action, your house can surely make your neighbors envy. Common mistakes such as wrong furniture, inappropriate lighting, improper wall colors, etc must be highlighted initially.

The light and dark colors can make the space appear bigger or smaller which means that a dark color if applied to the interiors of smaller rooms can make them look large and vice versa. The coordination of room furniture with the wall colors should be right on the money. Any deviation from this predefined concept would make the room look awkward. To add to the building flavor, well chosen curtains and light colored rugs may be used. Again, the design and the color of the curtains and rugs must be in synchronization with the room theme.

Once the rooms are all frame worked, add the glitter by introducing the fragrance of the flowers. The design and the color of the vases and the pots must be selected in such a way that they support the aroma that is created by the flowers presence in the room.

Artificial flower arrangements are a great way to use that vase or urn that has been sitting empty because you just didn't know what else to do with it. Plus, it fits in your expected budget comfortably.

Silver holders and pots look very sophisticated but must be kept well as they get roughen up easily due to external conditions such as high humidity, temperature etc.

Lighting perspective should be dealt with utmost attention as it is quite vital. Lighting adds glamor to your living room, dining area and other places of the house. It can make your house look grand. Budget-wise, lesser expensive candles and lanterns can be considered in place of high priced chandeliers.

The more manageable alternative could be candles, lanterns, designer lamps etc. which are available quite easily in the market. The candle holders may be bought to compliment the aroma of the candles.

Remember that your home should symbolize your personality and your identity. Each accessory should be a reflection of your taste and flavor. - 29857

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