Garden Landscape 101

By Althea Joy Ingrid

It's a wonderful and relaxing place to relax in a garden landscape from the busy downtown. Garden landscapes can be laid on large areas or even in a small space.

During the Renaissance and the 1880s in United States formal garden landscaping was popular. The basis of the formal garden landscape is on geometric shapes that has boundaries defined by stone walkways, walls, hedges, fences, fountains, and statuary. Today formal garden landscape still exist in Botanical gardens and large estate. For limited space usually in urban areas the modern/domestic garden landscape are used. The types of garden landscapes are Organic, Herb, Roof, Vegetable, Rock, Water, Flower, and Public gardens.

Organic garden landscape nowadays is highly emphasize because it does not use artificial pesticides and fertilizers that can harm living things. In this garden landscape it only use biological fertilizers and pesticides to keep plants healthy.

Herb gardens are found in botanical gardens and medieval garden. In this garden landscapes the plants have medicinal properties like parsley, fennel, thyme, marjoram, dill, and rosemary that is used in flavoring foods.

Roof garden landscape are found in urban areas which have limited space. The plants are usually in small pots and containers.

Vegetable garden landscape is a healthy type of garden landscape. It needs open and sunny location. To prevent disease transmission between the plants the rotation of crops is important. Being familiar with the plant you'll use in this garden landscape is important.

Rock Garden landscape mimics rocky hillside or a slope. In this garden landscape it's vital that it should be part of a hillside. The use of a bit of large boulders looks better than small rocks. The rocks should be arranged to provide various exposures to sun-tolerant plants like rock roses and shade-tolerant plant like primulas.

The location, culture, and climate is important for the water garden landscape. In Europe and North America, the shape of the water garden landscape are rectangular or circular pools that contain one water lilies and a fountain. While the informal water garden landscape in United States and Europe is irregularly shaped and profusion of water lilies. In Japan the water garden landscape have particular and beautiful patterns that has been preserved for centuries. In temperate countries, the water garden landscape is grown under the glass with pools that are heated. The water garden landscape is the oldest form of garden landscape. In Egypt, about 2000 BC the records shows the cultivation of lilies.

Flower Garden Landscaping is perhaps what really caught our attention due to its colorful blooms. The vital components of this garden landscape is the blending and contrast of colors as well as the forms that are stressed in the design. It's important to know which flowers can be planted in the garden.

Public garden landscape is the last type of garden landscape. An example of this garden landscape is the Japanese Garden in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park which is world-famous.

Now, there are many varieties of plants available. So choose whichever garden landscape you desire. - 29857

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