Should You Get Outdoor Furniture?

By Abbey Garcia

Homeowners can choose to have an outdoor furniture or not. If you have a garden, a deck, a patio or a lawn, you might want to consider getting a good outdoor furniture set though. Aside from adding to the overall value of your home, your outdoor garden furniture set can also help you enjoy your outdoor scene better.

Gardens and patios hold a lot of fond memories for most families. That is partly thanks to excellent furniture sets where friends and family can gather to share food, stories and activities. This should be enough of a reason to convince you to add chairs and tables to your outdoor space.

Owning an outdoor furniture set though can be quite a challenge. One major challenge you would have to face is maintaining your furniture set. If you take proper care of your set, it could easily last for decades. Proper care however would typically depend on the type of furniture that you get.

Wood can be potentially difficult to manage. This is because wood can be prone to warping, fading, rotting and insect attacks. You can avoid these problems if you choose to buy real hardwood such as teak. This is definitely the wood of choice for outdoor sets because it is naturally resistant to insects, water and UV rays. Other kinds of wood may have to be regularly treated to last long. Teak however is quite expensive so you would have to prepare a sizeable amount to get a full set.

Iron outdoor furniture does not present a lot of problems. It is a very sturdy material that does not require complicated cleaning. The material however can rust. This is if its protective coating wears off. If you do not act to remedy a rusty portion immediately, the rest of your furniture could get rusty too. Maintenance involves sanding rusty portions and repainting them. Iron is also a bit heavy so it can be difficult for you to shove it around during cleaning or repainting.

The least bothersome option is those made of plastic. The kind of plastic used for outdoor pieces is very durable and is immune to all the problems that wood and iron can suffer from. Moreover, plastic is very easy to clean so you will have no problems with stains and spills. In the event however that plastic cracks, you may not be able to repair it. You would have no choice but to throw it away and buy a new one. This is not a very environmentally friendly material.

Aluminum can be as manageable as plastic. Like plastic, it is lightweight and does not rust or get damaged by heat and water. The material however can still corrode. This is likely to happen if its protective coat peels off. Proper maintenance should therefore include regular re-coating.

As far as your garden or patio is concerned, getting an outdoor furniture can be one of the best decision you can make. From the very beginning though, you should be aware of the unique challenges that you may have to face. Keeping a good set beautiful through the years requires some effort. - 29857

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