Basic Lawn Mower Information You Should Know

By Bart Icles

Any homeowner who has a lawn - whatever the dimensions may be, knows that a lawn mower is an indispensable equipment to have around, most especially when time comes to cut or trim overgrown grass. When one is in the market for a reliable and affordable lawn mower, the task for searching one is much easier than before with the abundance of many brands and types in the market. Together with this is also the availability of many of its much-needed replacement parts and accessories. If you already have an existing lawn mower, then you know that knowing your parts and having a stock or two of these major components will spell the difference in the functionality and availability of your lawn mower come mowing time.

Today's lawn mowers are classified into two categories: the reel and rotary mowers. Reel mowers utilize a blade assembly that rotates on a horizontal axis, while a rotary mower has a blade that rotates on a vertical axis. There are the motorized, the self-propelled and the pushed versions. There are three types of motorized lawn mowers: the gasoline, electric and battery-operated powered lawn mowers. These are divided into three categories: the ride-on, walk-behind and the pulled.

You should only buy a lawn mower that is suited to the size of your lawn and its kind of grass. This has to be considered carefully to keep your maintenance and servicing cost to a realistic level, as well as the cost of buying replacement parts for worn out or broken parts. You also have to take into account to have a shed that is of ample size to house your lawn mower to keep it dry, safe and locked up and away from children. If you are not sure what type to buy for your needs, then you should ask for a rotary type lawn mower, which is the one most commonly used for residential houses.

The typical lawn mower has many parts besides the engine, such as the mower pan, handlebars, decks, tires, wheels, steering parts, axles, transmissions, brackets, rods and the blades. The engine parts are composed of the following: its carburetors, starters, and fly wheels. One major component of the engine that needs to be checked at regular intervals are its spark plugs, oil, the blades, the batteries (if battery-operated), the oil and gasoline filters and others. Be sure to check the operating manual prior to using a new lawn mower and to get to know by heart all its guides and schedules for maintenance and servicing to keep it in top working condition.

Whenever the time comes for you to replace or service your lawn mower, you can always check the internet for price comparisons of replacement parts and the many different brands being sold therein, as well as get some answers for some other concerns regarding your lawn mower from the experts. - 29857

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