Learn About What Crabgrass Is

By Neoma Archer

What could be the worst thing that you would not want to happen to your lawn or your garden? There may be different answers for different people. One may think that they would not want drought to happen. Another may look at insects as their worst enemy. On another note, another person may point at weeds as the worst thing that their lawn or garden may experience. Weeds can be really a nuisance. As long as there is still some root and a good leaf there, weeds can still continue to grow and you will have to tackle them over again.

One of the weeds that you should be on the lookout for is crabgrass. No, it does not resemble a crab in any way. What it looks like is orchard grass. This weed usually grows in patches. You will know that you are looking at crabgrass because they have side branches. These branches have wide leaves and they branch out. You will see that it forms like a star. You will also notice that it has blades that are wide. So are its leaves.

The months of July and August are the summer months. This is also the period when crabgrass is at their peak. That is why this weed is also known as a summer annual grass. Now that you know this, what you can do is prevent it from reaching its peak. You can get some pre-emergent herbicide and apply it on your lawn or garden. That way, you can lessen the chances of the seed germinating.

When summer is around, you will see that there is plenty of this weed growing around. It does not have to be just your lawn or your garden - it can also grow in various locations. The list includes the cracks on the roads. Or maybe even in the sidewalks. Experts say that when you see such already working their way, you should be on the alert that the seeds may have found their way to your lawn or garden and they may soon be growing there too. Now if you want them to grow there, then just let them be. If not, then start on the pre-emergent herbicide.

There are people who believe that the chemicals in the herbicide may actually harm their lawn or garden. Now if that is your thought, then you can actually do something else to battle the weed. What you can do is wait for it to grow and then take them out by hand. That should do the trick. But that may also mean that you can still leave some roots in the soil and seeds too. They may not be there right now but come its peak season next year, they may be back. - 29857

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