Proper Landscape Planning Divides The Space

By Marshall Clewis

The average homeowner today buys his house from a building contractor. The house is already placed on a rectangular lot and the contractor usually does the rough grading of the lot and perhaps sods the front.

If a few details can be considered before the house is begun, it will help to create a more pleasant property. The most important are the shape of the lot, the direction that the house faces on it, the grade relationship between the house and the street, and the location of trees, if any.

Choosing the Lot

A corner lot may be considered a position of importance, yet it leaves most of the property exposed to one street or the other with little opportunity for privacy. There is also more lawn to cut, for the benefit of the neighbors. The same applies to a lot that is wide in the front and narrower in the back. From a garden point of view, it is better to have a lot that is narrow in front and wider or irregular in shape in the rear.

Dividing the Property

Before buying garden materials like selective weed killers or starting to construct your garden, try to think out your needs and plan carefully. The smaller the property, the greater the need for careful planning and starting it by getting rid of weeds.

What Do You Want?

First, you must think of the things you want to do on your property and then arrange the space accordingly. If the family likes gardening there must be ample space for flowers, even at the expense of lawn. If outdoor games are popular, then open space will predominate. But if your preference is for reading or tea, paved areas for chairs and tables will take the place of lawn, and shrubs will replace flower borders as they require less attention. Do you want a kitchen garden, space to hang clothes, or a play area for the children? Decide how you can best use all of your property to make family life more complete. - 29857

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