Some Common Types Of Home Lighting Fixtures

By Scott Rodgers

Home lighting is an essential part of home decor now and there is huge variety of home lighting fixtures that you can choose for different purposes. Like ceiling fixtures are the best and the most commonly used for general lighting of the whole area. Pendant lights are also very popular for lighting areas like kitchen table.

Chandeliers are another beautiful ceiling fixture and look great in dinning rooms. You can also choose to install pendant lights in the dining area but make sure to get them installed in the center of the table and the average wattage should be around 200-400.

To prevent accidents, stairs should be lit top to bottom, with switches in both places. Ceiling fixtures or recessed lighting will offer the needed light for stairs. Use a ceiling mount fixture for general lighting in the foyer. For safety in hallways, use lighting fixtures every 8 to10 feet. Use increased wattage in areas where tasks are performed, in rooms with ceilings higher than 8 feet, and in rooms with dark-colored floors and walls.

Another category of home lighting fixtures are the wall sconces. They are mainly used in areas such as hallways or bathroom vanity. There are many new designs of wall sconces that are coming up which are also used for accent lighting. If you are unable to get a ceiling fixture installed for the stairs, wall fixtures can also do the job.

For reading in bed, use two matching wall mounted or pendant fixtures installed 30 inches above the top of the mattress.

Use recessed light fixtures for down lighting. Living areas look attractive and inviting with down lighting. Recessed lighting works best with other lighting and can be dimmed for special effects.

Recessed lights are ideal for task areas where you require good focused lighting to perform the task conveniently. It is good for areas like kitchen counter, bathroom vanity etc.

Recessed light fixtures can be used for accent lighting as well. You can draw attention to a painting, a plant or any other noteworthy object. Make a room appear larger with recessed light fixtures by washing a wall in light. This technique--perfect for small living areas--adds visual depth by creating shadows and contrasts. - 29857

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