Beautiful Wind Chimes - Soothing Sounds Resonating From Your Garden

By Wendy Criswell

Have you heard while walking past someones garden and enjoyed the sounds of their wind chimes? These beautiful musical instruments are by far the best way to enhance your garden by harvesting the wind or gentle breezes.

Depending on your personal preference, whether it be bold sounds or soft tinkles, you can find sizes, styles and shapes suited for any garden or home.

Lets look at how you can get started:

Take down some notes over a period of a week before you start. Look at the direction of the wind and where the strongest and weakest areas are in your garden. You want to place them in spots where there are gentle breezes and not gale force winds. Chimes need to be gently nudged by the wind and not forced, otherwise you will just get a lot of noise. The aim is to create a musical concert with gentle voices calling on the wind

Choose different types of chimes that are durable for outdoor weather and are also pleasing to the eye. Try not to overdo it by mixing your materials too much. Wood, glass and aluminum are the best material to give you crystal clear sounds.

Depending on how big your garden is, place your chimes at various depths and heights. For example set the bigger ones high maybe on a deck and a smaller one in the same line as the bigger one but lower maybe in a tree, and a smaller one yet to hang among the flowers at a much lower height. Here you need to check the direction of your breeze. You want the wind to always blow from one direction to catch your three-tiered (or more), chime orchestra.

If you are tired of a particular sound of a chime, don't pack it away. Let is sing some more but place something behind it or in front of it. Maybe a dream catcher or a garden sculpture. Let the wind bounce of of these objects to touch your chime maybe in a gentler way or stronger way.

Should you have traffic noise on your street, place bigger or bolder sounded chimes on the outer border, mixed with lots of tall plants and high grasses. Start where the traffic noise is most concentrated and place smaller daintier chimes nearer the house. This should soften or drain the noise coming from the street both day and night.

The wind has been blowing for eons and will blow for eons more. Why not harvest a little for your own pleasure by creating music with wind chimes. Let your stresses and strains of the day melt away by listening to the wind gently pushing its way through the chimes. Hang a small one in the main entrance of your home so the wind could play your visitors a welcoming song and greet them as the leave. - 29857

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