Easy Way To Install A Ceiling Fan

By Scott Rodgers

If you want to connect a ceiling fan then this can be done by you also. You just need to be little attentive while making the connections. Also for connecting different wires, tightly connect the wires and don't use loose nuts as they make the connection loose. Never leave the connections uncovered and wrap an electric tape around it.

Mostly all the ceiling fans have 4 wires or say 3 wires plus a ground wire. Their colors are black, white, green and an additional color (usually red, blue, or black/white striped).

The black wire is the hot lead for the ceiling fan motor. The red/blue/striped wire is the hot lead for the optional light kit to the ceiling fan. The white wire is the neutral lead for both the ceiling fan motor and light kit. The green wire is ground wire for the entire setup.

Now as you know the significance of all the wires, you can start connecting these wires. Connect the neutral wire of ceiling fan to neutral wire of home wiring. Some of the ceiling fans have a white wire that is wrapped by a striped tape or a colored tape. Such wires sometimes show that they should be used for some other purpose rather than for making a neutral connection.

As green wire is used for making grounded connection of your ceiling fan assembly therefore you need to attach it to ground wire of your homes wiring. If ground wire is not there in the wires of your house then you may connect the green wire of the ceiling fan to electrical box or metal conduit that have a grounded connection.

Now you are left with two leads associated with the ceiling fan. These are the hot wires for the ceiling fan and its light kit. In case your ceiling fan doesn't have a light kit then connect the black wire to the hot lead (usually black) from your power supply.

Other case could be that you are fixing the light kit along with your ceiling fan. In this case for providing connection to both of them, connect their hot terminals to the black lead in your home electric wire. But make sure that operating switch of both is separate.

Your work of connecting a ceiling fan is over now. So by now you must have got an understanding of doing it. But if you find things different while performing the task then consult a professional to help you out. - 29857

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