How To Choose A Water Heater ?

By Scott Rodgers

Water heaters use energy to convert cold water to hot water and supplies hot water to your home. Traditional water heaters usually have a storage tank to hold heated water. They typically run on natural gas. Electric heaters and propane heaters are also common. Tank less water heaters are also available in market that supplies water where ever it is needed instead of storing it.

First thing to decide is the type of water heater that you will take for your home. Various kinds of water heaters are available in market like gas water heaters, electric water heaters. Gases like natural gas, propane gas can be used to operate water heaters. Electric water heaters are used in common as they are convenient to use.

When it comes to choosing the size of your water heater, you can choose it depending upon the members in your family. You should take a water heater that can completely fulfill the needs of your family. Don't think of taking an extra big water heater as it will eat up more electric units.

To heat a particular amount of water, an electric water heater consumes more time as compared to gas heaters. Hence, electric water heaters require bigger tank for storing water. For example, if for meeting your requirements, you have a gas heater with a capacity of 50 gallons then you need to have an electric heater having more capacity than 50 gallons.

You need to maintain your water heater to use it effectively. While using water heater you can face problems like your water heater is supplying cold water or extremely hot water. To protect yourself from this problem, reset your thermostat on 120 degrees.

Extremely hot water coming out of the faucets can seriously injure the person coming in contact with this water. It can badly burn you. As we all know, prevention is better than cure, we should try to prevent the situation by fixing cut off valve in faucets and bathtubs. Cut off valve resist extremely hot water to flow through the faucets.

Many times while taking shower, you find that water is not hot at all or it is not hot enough as it should be. Then in such cases, you either need to upgrade your water heater to take a larger tank or install a new water heater that can provide you more storage space.

If this fault comes in a gas heater test the pilot light or gas line for any fault and if the fault is in electric heater, recheck the thermostat and power supply in the heater. - 29857

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