Should I Buy a Plasma TV ?

By Ari Guyer

Plasma tvs are a popular choice among tv purchasers. The technology behind the tv may be difficult to understand but the results are spectacular. Plasma tv technology is achieved through hundreds of thousands of pixel cells that are contained between two layers of glass. The gasses in the pixel cells are excited by electrical pulses from the tv. The excitement causes the pixels to produce light coloured blue, green, or red. Together the colours produce and overall picture that is show on your tv screen.

Plasma tv's offer impressive black colours and high contrast levels create a pleasurable viewing experience. This is favourable when watching shows or movies with dark scenes. The brightness, colour saturation, and strong contrast result in sharp, vivid images especially in dimly lit rooms. Plasmas are ideal in rooms with low to moderate lighting. Plasmas have a glass screen which can reflect a lot of light. This can be problematic in a room with a bright lighting from windows, skylights, or other lighting sources. Some manufactures have added glare reducing features to their plasma tvs.

Plasmas are a perfect choice for movies watchers, video gamers, and sports fanatics due to the plasma tvs quick response time. Fast images are displayed accurately and motion blur is negligible.

Because each plasma pixel produces its own light, plasma tv's have a wide viewing angle. Images onscreen look virtually the same when viewed from the front or the side. TV placement and seating arrangement is not an issue with plasma televisions.

Plasma televisions used to have a problem with burn-in. Burn in is caused when static images are etched into the plasma screen. Plasma tv makers have now increased the time before burn in occurs which has corrected the etching problem.

Plasma televisions can be placed on a tv stand or mounted on a wall. Professional installation is often recommended due to the weight of the television. Care must be maintained when anchoring the tv as a 60 inch plasma tv can weigh over 100 pounds. Weight issues aside, plasma tvs have always been a great choice for people looking for large screen tvs. Up until recent years, they were the only affordable upgraded tv that was available in sizes over 40 inches.

Typically plasma television screens have a lifespan of about 60,000 hours. If watched 8 hours a day it is expected that the tv will last approximately 20 years. Energy usage is a consideration when purchasing a plasma television. Some manufacturers are producing brands that emit less heat and are more energy efficient.

When it comes time to purchase a plasma tv, it is important that you compare brands and do your research. Many electronic stores have knowledgeable staff who can direct you to a plasma tv that fits your needs. Even discount department stores and warehouse shopping outlets offer a large selection of plasma tv's. The internet is also a good source of information. It allows you to research features and compare prices on particular models without the pressure of a sales person. - 29857

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