Patio Furniture - How To Make Them Last

By Abbey Garcia

Nothing lasts a lifetime and this holds true to patio furniture. The best that a homeowner can do is to find a set that is guaranteed to last for a long time at least, but that is it. Other than the expected lifespan of the furniture, it is also important that you do your part in maintaining your outdoor furniture set. Since patio furniture is not something you can easily replace everyday, how can you make your patio pieces last longer?

The right material is crucial in making a patio furniture last. Before you even buy chairs and tables, make sure first that you are shopping in the right section. Furniture pieces that are specifically made for the outdoors are made with durability in mind. Hence, these are the ones that you should consider for your outdoor space. Any other piece that is meant for indoor use may get damaged outdoors in as little as a few months.

Some materials are made to last longer and are more durable and resistant to damage than others. Others however have to be specially treated, painted or coated to make them durable enough for outdoor use. The set that you are considering might just need this special kind of attention. Iron for example has to be painted to protect it from rust. You should therefore pay special attention to manufacturer instructions when it comes to schedules for applying succeeding treatments to your set.

Damage can often come from the sun and rain. Wind and animals can also be secondary sources of damage. To prevent these natural elements from wreaking havoc on your patio set, consider using outdoor covers. Merchants now typically sell furniture covers that fit certain types and sizes of furniture perfectly. You have to measure your set correctly first to get the best fit.

In some homes, their patio can partially cover the furniture. Even a partially screened patio however can leave your furniture at the mercy of the cold during winter. The best way to prevent damage to your set during the cold season is to keep your set indoors. The extra space in your garage may be more than enough to keep your furniture dry and secure. Some brand models are optionally foldable so storage will not be much of a problem.

In order to prolong the life of your furniture, clean it. Fortunately, you do not have to clean outdoor sets frequently. Iron, plastic and wood pieces can undergo general cleaning twice a year. All you need would be water, mild soap, a sponge and a hose. Wicker may require more frequent cleaning or at least dusting.

General and regular cleaning is one thing and washing off spills and stains are another. Although these are unlikely to damage your furniture, they can set in and become difficult to clean. If you want to have an outdoor set that can look fabulous for years, you have to immediately wipe out spills.

Patio furniture is generally made to endure. Some sets actually last for very long with little effort on the owners part. Even the most expensive pieces however need some kind of maintenance care. Make sure you do your part to keep your outdoor set looking great. - 29857

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Chicken Coops For Sale

By George Fowler

A fast net search on chicken coops for sale quickly yields a long list. The sunny side , however , is that a buyer will be able to choose from many different sizes and designs that best fit their needs . Before selecting one of the many coops for sale, it is important to answer two questions : how many hens are meant to be raised, and how much space is available for the coop?

A small coop is a good size for people that propose to raise only a few hens and have limited space. A medium sized coop is best for those that intend to raise more chickens and have more space. For those managing a bigger chicken operation, giant and double-decker hen houses will be the ideal choice. These will also require the biggest amount of land. You may find that all three of these sizes can be found when hunting for coops for sale.

You may find coops for sale from wholesalers through the planet. These are generally new and come in kits, or in some cases are preassembled. Ensure that the dealer is reputable by chatting with clients ; you may even ask for references. A few chicken houses for sale have already been used. These are quite as viable as new coops, as long as you know what you are buying and may be able to check their state beforehand.

If you are investigating chicken coops for sale, buyers should decide on the ones that will provide ample space and comfort for the hens, while also protecting them as much as practical from the elements, and predators such as rodents, dogs, and foxes. Coops with thick wire mesh are preferred. Consider, too, if the chicken enclosures sit on the earth or are raised above it. Some buyers may have no option except to raise their coop due to space, so make certain you possess that choice if you need it.

Of the chicken coops for sale, try the pricing on the coops that have extra entrances and windows. Easy Access to your eggs without alarming the chickens is critical, as is correct ventilation. Chicken coops for sale must be strongly built, and must be hard enough to resist inclement weather without falling over. Windows also provide natural daylight inside the coop, promoting a healthy atmosphere.

Chicken coops for sale ought to be highly practical, specifically in the area of drainage and cleanliness. Select a coop that incorporates water runoff so that damp does not collect and cause wood to rot over time. Also select chicken coops for sale that permit straightforward cleaning, since a build up of excrement and waste can have an effect on the health of the birds and diminish the amount of eggs laid. - 29857

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Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting - Affordable and Secure Lighting Option

By John Monsholi

Low voltage outdoor lighting represents a safe and cost-efficient lighting solution. It is quite easy to assemble and install your own low voltage outdoor lighting system, without having to use the services of a professional electrician.

Low voltage outdoor lighting runs on a 12-volt current, which is achieved with the aid of a transformer, rendering the dangerous 110/120-volt current to a relatively safe 12-volt current. The electricity is transmitted through a special weather-resistant low voltage cable, which begins and ends at the transformer (creating a looped run).

Low voltage outdoor lighting benefits include:

1. It is very easy to set up your own low voltage outdoor lighting. The system usually comes in kits, which include everything needed to assemble the lighting (the transformer, cables and fixtures). You would just have to buy the bulbs with a preferred wattage.

2. Low voltage outdoor lighting is a very low cost solution, since it can use light bulbs, starting at nearly 4 W. In addition to regular lamps, home owners may choose to use halogen or fluorescent lamps.

3. Some kits also come with special timers, which allow the homeowner to set his/her low voltage outdoor lighting system to go on and off each 4, 6 or 8 hours.

4. Low voltage outdoor lighting is very important for security. Many systems come with heat motion sensors, which would notify you about any intruders after dark.

5. It is extremely easy to relocate your low voltage outdoor lighting system since its wires have to be just slightly immersed under the ground, instead of being buried deeply and permanently.

6. There are different transformers available for the low voltage outdoor lighting systems. Transformers can range anywhere between 150-900 W. Specialists usually advise to purchase a more powerful transformer than what you currently need, in order to provide you with the possibility to expand your outdoor lighting system in the future.

7. In order to pick the correct cable for your low voltage outdoor lighting system, you would need to know the amount of watts that your system will require. The most common size wire is 12ga, which is capable of carrying 300 W. There also are 14 ga. and 16 ga. cables, which respectively can carry 200 W and 150 W.

8. There is a wide variety of schemes based on which you can build your low voltage outdoor lighting system, including in-ground fixtures, spotlights and deck lights for an ultimate convenience while walking in your garden at night.

9. Another advantage of the low voltage outdoor lighting systems is their low cost. Not only the systems may cost anywhere starting from $15, but they also help the homeowner save a lot on the energy costs. However, keep in mind that a sound quality system will usually cost anywhere around $300.

10. In order to find out how many lamps can be used with any given transformer, you would simply have to multiply the total number of light bulbs in your low voltage outdoor lighting system by the total wattage. For instance, if your transformer is 150 W, you can use 30 lights by 5 W each in your setup.

Several things to consider when implementing a low voltage outdoor lighting system:

1. Always remember to plug the transformer directly into the outlet, and not through an extension cord.

2. The wires of the low voltage outdoor lighting system are more prone to damages if they're not buried deeply in the ground.

3. The extra wattage of the transformer should not exceed one-third of the total needs of the system.

Low voltage outdoor lighting is a very cost-efficient and easy to assemble lighting system. A low voltage outdoor lighting system will make your landscape come to life also after dark, letting you enjoy your gorgeous landscaping even twice more. - 29857

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Mycelium Running by Paul Stamets

By Dr. Markho Rafael

The best-selling book on "popular mycology," Mycelium Running, would be a useful reference book in every home, especially to anyone involved in farming (or gardening), forest management and environmental cleanup. The second half of the book is an instruction manual on growing delectable mushrooms for food and medicine.

Mycelium Running is filled to the brim with useful tips on things such as using mushrooms to improve soils and boost productivity in forestry and farming (gardening) with decreased use of expensive fertilizers and pesticides; filtering waste-water (mycofiltration); and clean up toxic waste from the land (mycoremediation).

For example, an easy do-it-yourself method of creating a mycofiltration bed for filtering waste water is delineated in detail. Recommended materials are listed along with suggested mushroom species to use and the ideal dimensions of the bed. In Stamets' examples, these mycofiltration beds are used to effectively filter and neutralize farm runoff but they could also be used to filter industrial waste water.

Added perks when using mycofiltration is that the beds also yield crops of scrumptious food mushrooms, and every 2-3 years, as the bedding material needs to be replaced, the old material can be spread on the farm fields as a rich fertilizer.

Benefits of no-till farming are described in terms of how it supports saprophytic soil fungi, which in turn help protect the soil from erosion as well as break down organic matter at a rate that is better paced to benefit plant life than if the stubble were to be plowed under and broken down by anaerobic bacteria.

In addition to helping decompose and recycle organic matter, saprophytic fungi can also help forestry by protecting its tree residents from parasitic fungi (blights), which may kill thousands of trees if left unchecked. Seeding saprophytic fungi in a productive forest may help out-compete parasitic fungi, thus functioning as natural fungicides; good fungi vs. bad fungi.

Mycorrhizal mushrooms can also be seeded to support the forest, or they may simply be encouraged to grow naturally by using more enlightened methods of forest management.

Mycorrhizal fungi help extend the reach of tree roots to better absorb nutrients and water, thus making the trees healthier and more drought resistant. Mycorrhizal fungi also manufacture and provide trees with natural antibiotics against many pathogens, especially parasitic fungi.

Mushroom mycelium can also be utilized to clean up toxic waste sites through a method known as mycoremediation. The term was invented by the author of Mycelium Running, Paul Stamets, but was in common use before the publication of this book.

Petrochemicals and biological warfare agents can be effectively broken down by mushroom mycelium, as can dioxin and toxic industrial waste. Even toxic levels of chlorine, which is used as the universal biocide, can be neutralized by some species of mushrooms. Bacterial contaminants like Staphylococcus sp. and E. coli can be killed, and heavy metals can be absorbed by mushrooms to then be removed from a site.

Mycoremediation has also been shown to be the most economical method of cleaning up toxic waste sites, up to 95% cheaper than some common conventional methods.

This plethora of information is merely the first half of this 300-page tome. Part III, which makes up the second half of the book, is an instruction manual on how to cultivate your own mushroom mycelium, which can be used for the above listed purposes, or to grow your own medicinal or culinary mushrooms. And seriously, who doesn't love gourmet mushrooms? In other words, this is a reference book for every household. - 29857

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Make Your Bathroom Comfortable

By Scott Rodgers

Bathrooms hold the most significant place in any house. Although they occupies the smallest space in your home, yet all the items required in that space should be properly planned. Since bathrooms are the most frequently used, should be rightly managed.

You should consider few things while plumbing a bathroom. Bathroom plumbing signifies its proper installation as well as meeting the needs of a busy bathroom. It basically consists of fixtures and drainage systems. Moreover sinks, showers, bathtubs and toilets constitutes a bathroom.

Bathroom plumbing also include correct installation of hot water heater. Pipes and lengths that fit your toilet, shower and bathtub should be of accurate sizes. Make sure that the connection is tight and you do not have leaky taps.

Bathroom plumbing refers to three distinct projects. It could mean simply repairs to temporarily or permanently stop leaks. It can have a total fixture upgrade or you can go for making your bathroom more stylish. Fixture and drainage system consists of getting water into the building, then removing it and other waste after it has been used.

Keeping in mind, the drainage system as the basic necessity you can go for an unlimited types of pipes for your bathroom. In order to provide drainage system a better ventilation you can employ some vent pipes. Moreover for the removal of air and gases that often block your drains, you can use gas pipes. The discharge material or fluid can be easily passed down to the main sewer through soil and stack pipes.

Your bathroom is not refrained to proper installation of fixtures and drain pipes, rather it covers the entire look of your bathroom. Moreover it should be comfortable and safe enough for your kids. Avoid use of slippery tiles for your floor.

Just check that you have an adequate amount of tools before getting engaged into the process of installation. Some very common tools that are required can be pipe wrenches, plumber's tape, pipes and fittings.

Bathroom is most important for our personal hygiene and grooming needs. One should be very vigilant while installing a bathroom. And if you find it hard then surely ask the plumber to do the job. - 29857

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Attracting Birds In Your Garden

By Kent Higgins

In the garden where the trumpet-creeper flaunts its showy, deep-cupped flowers, the dazzling ruby-throated hummingbird is almost sure to come, for red is his favorite color and the trumpet-creeper his favorite flower. And in the garden where the sunflower raises its plebeian head above the exclusive dahlias and roses, the American goldfinch most likely will flash his eye-catching black and yellow plumage and sing his canary-like song.

If one would have birds in the garden or on the lawn, it is merely a matter of planting the shrubs and flowers that furnish the seeds and berries for which birds have preference. Fortunately, many of our most decorative plants are on the preferred list of birds.

The goldfinch, which is usually found in waste places where plumy goldenrod and humble sneezeweed have a monopoly on the land, is lured into the garden by the refined relative of the sunflowers of the field and roadside. The cultivated sunflower of today has its place in the flower catalogs and can hold its own with the zinnias, marigolds and daisies.

The goldfinch is a member of the finch family, which are seed-eaters. Some of our most colorful birds and finest songsters are among them. The cardinal of crimson magnificence, the rose-breasted grosbeak, the resplendent indigo bunting, purple finch and tuneful sparrow, are some of the more familiar finches. Those plants that are prolific seed producers invite the colorful and the musical seed-eaters.

From poppies in the spring to cosmos and asters of autumn, many garden favorites flower and seed - the coreopsis, calendula, daisy, sweet william dianthus and all of the compositae family. Coxcomb spreads its rich bloom for all to see, and amaranthus sprawls in a splash of color. Bachelors-buttons and other centaurcas are quieter in color but equally agreeable to birds.

While birds in general are classed as insectivorous or vegetarian, few birds adhere strictly to their preferred diet. The robin that is indefatigable in his search for earthworms on the lawn, delights in the delectable red fruit of the Juneberry; and the rose-breasted grosbeak, whose bill is built especially for the cracking of seeds, is sometimes less euphoniously called the potato-bug bird because of his fondness for them. Indeed, the farmer has no better friend than the grosbeak who arranges his family in a row on the pasture fence and methodically plies them with potato bugs from the neighboring field. - 29857

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Comparing Interior CarpetCleansing Machines

By Buddy Froggatt

You have to have some kind of carpeting in your Home, at least in my opinion. Most of the high-end fancy homes with all the luxury flooring in them also have some sort of substitute for carpeting like area rugs and such. If you're like me at all, you definitely prefer to have carpet on your bedroom floor at least, as it is a lot more pleasant to step on carpet in the morning then it is to step on a cold wood or stone floor.

Having a carpet that is clean is essential.No one wants to walk across the floor in their Household and end up with dirty feet.The biggest problem of carpet is the fact that it conceals the dirt, so you and your loved ones come without even thinking about it, are constantly walking over dirty floors. Just for this reason, it is a really good idea to schedule a daily carpet Cleansing regimen with a machine that is fit for the job.

Bissell Carpet Cleansing Machines

One of the best makers of the carpet Cleaning machines that are affordable is Bissell. What Bissell specializes in you deep clean your floor, and one of their main sellers is the Little Green Vacuum along with a cleaner for hard floors called the Bissell Flip It. It is so non-because of the fact that it flips sides when you are alternating between dry Cleansing and wet Cleaning.

Eureka Carpet Cleansing Machines

Eureka is another tried-and-true American carpet Cleaning machine brand. Eureka offers a small line of upright vacuums, canister vacuums, lightweight stick vacuums, and carpet shampoo machines. Eureka's proprietary process eliminates excess shampoo from the Cleansing solution, leaving virtually no soapy residue to dry and irritate tender feet.

Dyson Carpet Cleaning Machines

Dyson vacuums are top-of-the-line carpet Cleaning machines that can deliver an almost clean-room environment to a Home. A lot of individuals love Dyson vacuums because they don't require any bags and they maneuver around on a single ball turning system that makes moving them around corners and tight areas a breeze. These vacuums have a patented technology called root cyclone which gets rid of any suction loss. These vacuums are also certified by the asthma and allergy foundation of America for people who suffer from asthma.

Rainbow Carpet Cleansing Machines

Another really high-end solution to the dirty carpet battle are Rainbow carpet Cleansing machines. Rainbow systems feature on board computer controls, adjustable height and power nozzles, HEPA filters, stainless steel wands, upholstery tools, dusting brushes, and attachment caddies.

Kirby Carpet Cleaning Machines

The brand that has probably been around the longest is Kirby as they have been offering solutions for Cleaning your carpet for longer than 90 years. Kirby vacuums are known for their state-of-the-art quality, reliability, and performance, and the new state-of-the-art Sentria system is a perfect example of this.Kirby system offers you 12 machines in one to fit the bill for anything in your Home as regards to Cleaning your floors. The machine is an upright vacuum, a wood floor buffer, stick vacuum, canister vacuum, and the slew of other things as well.

Don't let price be the only determinant of carpet Cleansing machine for your Household. When you Buy a quality carpet care system like these, if you take care of them I can last you for many years so be sure you select one that precisely fit your needs and any needs that you might have in the future. - 29857

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You Can Get Rid Of Gophers

By Michelle Rudge

It can be a painfully frustrating process trying to get rid of gophers from your lawn. But instead of trying every possible trick, method and system, why not find someone who has tried them all and then let them tell you the best way to get rid of gophers.

Educating yourself about the habits and behaviors of these annoying pests is the first step in getting rid of them for good. Find out why it is that they are burrowing under your lawn (and causing you so many headaches!) and you'll then be able to find what get rid of them for good.

When a gopher is burrowing under your garden, there is more than just superficial damage occurring. While gophers don't eat the roots of plants, their digging pulls up the roots and exposes to them to external damage. The digging can also cause rocks to be exposed and that can be damaging to any garden machinery you may be using. Also, the piles of dirt that accumulate at the entrance to their holes, are fresh soil for weeds to take root.

You can try one of the many products or methods for getting rid of gophers: * Trapping - this seems to be the most common method talked about. There is however, a bit of a knack to getting this right and it may take a bit of practice before you have success. Not good for the squeamish among us that hate having to deal with the trapped animals! * Exclusion - this can be impractical especially if you have a large area to contain. But this method can work well if you have ornamental trees or gardens, or young plants that you want to protect. They can be fenced of with small mesh fencing or plastic netting. (Moles are not herbivores, so they're not going to eat your trees, shrubs or flowers; however, their digging does expose roots, upset the soil around them, and allows fresh tilled soil for weed infestation) * Flooding or Gassing - this method is often unsuccessful due to the moles ability to close off tunnels and retreat to a safe area of the burrows. * Poison pellets - are easy to use but there is a risk of the moles coming topside to die and then being eaten by household or other animals. * Repellents - there are synthetic predator odors that can be bought and I have also heard of using soiled kitty litter.

The method of getting rid of gophers is not so important as whether it is successful or not! I found a method that was both fool-proof and has kept the gophers away still. I've written a blog where I talk about my experiences and the help I got. - 29857

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Learn About What Crabgrass Is

By Neoma Archer

What could be the worst thing that you would not want to happen to your lawn or your garden? There may be different answers for different people. One may think that they would not want drought to happen. Another may look at insects as their worst enemy. On another note, another person may point at weeds as the worst thing that their lawn or garden may experience. Weeds can be really a nuisance. As long as there is still some root and a good leaf there, weeds can still continue to grow and you will have to tackle them over again.

One of the weeds that you should be on the lookout for is crabgrass. No, it does not resemble a crab in any way. What it looks like is orchard grass. This weed usually grows in patches. You will know that you are looking at crabgrass because they have side branches. These branches have wide leaves and they branch out. You will see that it forms like a star. You will also notice that it has blades that are wide. So are its leaves.

The months of July and August are the summer months. This is also the period when crabgrass is at their peak. That is why this weed is also known as a summer annual grass. Now that you know this, what you can do is prevent it from reaching its peak. You can get some pre-emergent herbicide and apply it on your lawn or garden. That way, you can lessen the chances of the seed germinating.

When summer is around, you will see that there is plenty of this weed growing around. It does not have to be just your lawn or your garden - it can also grow in various locations. The list includes the cracks on the roads. Or maybe even in the sidewalks. Experts say that when you see such already working their way, you should be on the alert that the seeds may have found their way to your lawn or garden and they may soon be growing there too. Now if you want them to grow there, then just let them be. If not, then start on the pre-emergent herbicide.

There are people who believe that the chemicals in the herbicide may actually harm their lawn or garden. Now if that is your thought, then you can actually do something else to battle the weed. What you can do is wait for it to grow and then take them out by hand. That should do the trick. But that may also mean that you can still leave some roots in the soil and seeds too. They may not be there right now but come its peak season next year, they may be back. - 29857

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Teach Your Kids To Cook. Make Homemade Candy.

By Peter Bertonich

A skill that we seem to be losing in our society is cooking. Proper homemade cooking, the type grandma used to do. Homemade cooking should be taught to all kids, and it's up to you as a parent to do so. And start your kids with homemade candy.

If you want to teach kids to cook successfully you've got to get them cooking something they love to eat. All kids love to eat candy. So teach them how to make great homemade candy and they'll be back to cook, and eat, more.

Last night I did some great cooking with my kids who are 8 and 11, and I can't still see their faces as they licked out the bowl. Kids love cooking something that is easy to cook and yummy to eat. Homemade candy is both easy to cook and yummy to eat.

And if they learn to love cooking they'll have a skill they'll appreciate for the rest of their lives. And they graduate from cooking candy pretty fast.

There's a few simple things to remember, whether they're cooking homemade candy or anything else. Allow plenty of time, expect mess, start with a simple recipe and get them started on the simple tasks.

And follow some basic rules for safety too. At the start keep the kids away from heat. So if you're cooking a homemade candy recipe for example, you should always keep them away from hot stuff like syrup. Syrup is heated to a high temperature, so start with something else. No syrup burns for kids.

And there's just some stunning wonderful homemade candy recipes for kids too. I've mentioned syrup, it's also a little difficult to do too, as you have to get the temparature just right, so steer clear of syrup and start with some of the more basic homemade candy recipes like truffles or pralines.

But once you've got the kids cooking confidently there's no end to the wonderful candy recipes you can try. I love toffees, especially chewy toffee variety. Nougat is wonderful as are truffles, there's so many.

Now I'm hungry, got to cook some candy.

But seriously, homemade candy making is a fine way to get the kids to learn, and enjoy, the art of cooking. They're making something they will be guaranteed to love to eat, and they're learning one of life's essential skills.

So get out there and find some hot homemade candy recipes, there's thousands, including lots on my website. It's cheaper to make your own candy and it makes great candy. Get the kids involved, in the future they'll thank you for it. - 29857

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Build Your Own Electrical Tool Kit

By Scott Rodgers

An electrical tool kit is a necessity as far as rendering a prefect electrical safety schema to your home is concerned. These basic electrical tools would ease the electrical work load on your electrician. Routine electrical inspections make use of these basic electrical tools extensively.

The common domestic electrical fixtures may include the installation of a ceiling fan, checking the electric fuse for current, replacing the plug of a wire, insulation of a wire, inspecting the socket for any short-circuit etc. Such routine electrical tasks require to be handled by you only.

Hence apprehending the pivotal role of an electrical kit in your home, start building your own kit by first buying yourself a large-sized tool box. The casing should be largely of plastic material as plastic is a bad conductor of electricity as well as it is not subjected to corrosion.

Start collecting the instruments by making way for the wiring tools first. It would include the pliers, the screwdrivers and the insulating tapes. The pliers should be purpose-specific and some commonly used plier types such as needle-nose pliers, cutters and slip-joint pliers should be acquired immediately. Furthermore an advice from a local electrician is always handy to go with.

The electrical insulating tapes(generally of vinyl plastic) are used very extensively in a number of domestic electrical assignments ranging from wire dressing to joining the ends of two wires.

Screwdrivers are an essential component in your electrical tools assembly and depending on your needs you can go for a particular screwdriver set. The set should include some basic screwdrivers such as Robertson screwdriver, nut screwdriver and flat head screwdriver.

Once the wiring tools are arranged, the testing tools such as a voltage tester, a digital multimeter and the cable connectors are brought in to the box. To go with these a utility knife( for undressing or tearing the wire insulation) should be reposited as well.

The installation tools(such as a fish tape) must be included only when one has a good knowledge about the wiring installation strategy. Finish off the amassing of the tools by including a first-aid kit, a pair of fire-resistant gloves and a pair of goggles. - 29857

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Sears Lawn Tractor Parts Are Most Trustworthy And Reliable

By Andre Hansen

A lawn tractor is an essential item of machinery that may help you look after and maintain your lawn and in an urban home that has a lawn of about half an acre in size it will really prove to be a particularly helpful item of kit. Also, when the top growing season is on you will probably be forced into cropping the lawn once in a week and that too for a constant period of at least six months at a stretch.

It also pays to shop for a riding lawn tractor as it'll make allowance for a wider mowing area and additionally it will also make sure that you can finish your cropping in less time.

When it comes to picking the right lawn mower parts you'll have many options to choose from though the seals lawn tractor parts are highly recommended as they are going to prove to be the best replacements for your worn out lawn tractor parts.

And anyway, the committed and avid lawn caretaker will always have many exciting Sears's lawn tractor parts to select from including rollers and tillers that may prove to be awfully helpful in plowing a vegetable garden and that may also help in building a flower bed and will even prove to be helpful for planting grass seeds.

A sweeper is another helpful lawn tractor accessory that may be used to pick up small pieces of waste that might be lying scattered about on your lawn. You can find all of these sears lawn tractor parts at Lawn Mower Pros (

You can shop here for all kinds of useful Sears's lawn tractor parts including belts and bearings/bushings, air filters and blades. Remember that before purchasing any of these parts that you identify the exact part number and also provide the name of the grass tractor model and also its number. Only by specifying the right details can you hope to get the precise replacement part for your lawn tractor. - 29857

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Effective Landscape With Bookshelf Tools

By Marshall Clewis

A garden encyclopedia is as essential to the home gardener as a cook book is to a cook, and as useful. This is especially true in this do-it-yourself age, when skilled professional advice and help is hard to come by and costly.

Without a source of reliable information at hand, the amateur gardener is likely to make serious and costly mistakes. Valuable trees, shrubs, evergreens, lawns and other landscape plantings may be damaged beyond repair as a result of errors of omission as well as commission. House plants, patio plants and greenhouse plants fail to prosper unless they receive care based on sound knowledge. Scientific and practical know-how are necessary to grow fine fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. The only successful gardeners are informed gardeners.

And upon what a wide range of subjects the modern gardener needs information! He (or she) must be familiar with the names (either common or scientific) of the plants in the garden as well as of at least some of those not at the moment there, but which tempt one in nurseries, garden centers and online catalogs.

Gardeners need to know the peculiarities, characteristics and cultural needs of their plants - trees, shrubs, evergreens, vines, ground covers, fruits, perennials, annuals, lawn grasses and others. They must understand soils and their management, the art of maintaining fertility and a desirable soil acidity and alkalinity. When to water and when not to water, and how to prepare soil mixes for plants that are to be grown indoors, also fall within the scope of knowledge needed by the gardener.

Raising plants from seeds, and all the many other ways of increasing them (such as cuttings, leaf cuttings, layering, air layering, grafting and budding) are fascinating procedures, but they are only successful when undertaken with reliable knowledge. These are basic skills that can be put to profitable use by all amateur gardeners.

Such arts as pruning, staking and tying, mulching, winter-protection, air layering and the management of greenhouses, hot beds and cold frames demand specialized knowledge. To plan and carry out successful warfare against those three chief enemies of the gardener - weeds, pests, and diseases - demands accurate knowledge and understanding.

That is where a good garden encyclopedia and reference website is an especially valuable work because it was written and edited by experts for amateurs. The horticulturists who produced it are thoroughly familiar with the problems and needs of beginner gardeners. In clear language they tell just what every home gardener needs to know in order to plan, develop and maintain a successful garden. An important feature of this encyclopedia is the large number of visuals of plants, gardens; landscape plans, pests and diseases and of how-to-do-it, step-by-step gardening procedures. These illustrations supplement and complement a very clear, easy-to-understand text. - 29857

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January Gardens And Landscapes Guide

By Marshall Clewis

In Northern United States and Canada

Now is the time to check out seed catalogs and online along with placing orders. Early in the month sow seeds of Clarkia, Godedia, Larkspur, Stocks and other annuals for Spring bloom in the greenhouse. Toward the end of January sow in the greenhouse Wax Begonias, Lobelias, Vinca roses, Delphiniums and Pansies for Summer bloom outdoors...

Remove pots of bulbs, such as Hyacinths, Daffodils and Tulips, that are to be forced for early bloom, a few at a time, from the cool basement or sand bed outdoors where they have been rooting, and bring them into the greenhouse or house. Shade them for the first few days and give them lots of water at all times. Keep them cool at first; increase the temperature gradually.

As soon as dormant potted Amaryllis bulbs show signs of life, remove a little of the old surface soil, replace with rich new soil, water thoroughly and place the pots in a warm, light location in the greenhouse or house. Pot new Amaryllis bulbs in well-drained pots of fertile sandy soil.

Disperse heavy accumulations of snow on evergreens by shaking the branches. Allow snow to remain on coldframes until it melts naturally. It provides good insulation. Branches of Christmas trees may be laid over evergreen perennials (such as Dianthus, Helianthemums and Candytuft) to give protection from sun and wind. Check tools and supplies now. Winter passes all too swiftly and with its end comes the immediate need for these. Make sure that the tools and implements you have are in good working condition. Buy whatever new ones you need. Also, make a list of the fertilizers, sprays and other supplies you will require and order them in.

In the South

Make sowings of annuals for early bloom either outdoors or in coldframes as soon as weather permits. In the lower South sow Carrots, Lettuce, Onions, Peas, Spinach and other hardy vegetable crops. Set out Cabbage plants and Onion sets. Plant Asparagus, Rhubarb and Horseradish. Proceed with preparing ground for later plantings. Almost all garden soils will benefit from having rotted manure, compost or other decayed organic matter incorporated into them.

Finish pruning Grapevines and complete the pruning of other fruits before new growth begins. Also, before new growth starts, apply dormant sprays to such fruit trees and ornamentals as need this treatment. Plant bulbs of Ranunculus, Tuberoses, Gerberas and Ismenes for Summer bloom. In the lower and middle South do not delay the planting of trees, shrubs, Gerberas, evergreens and Roses.

On the West Coast

Prune leaf-losing fruits and ornamentals that need this attention and complete this work before mid-February. Rose pruning should be done now in California. Attend to dormant spraying before new growth starts but not when night temperatures are likely to go below 35 degrees. In California gardens prepare plots for vegetables and make sowings of the hardiest kinds. Fertilize lawns and dig out patches of invading Bermuda Grass. Make early plantings of such bulbs and tubers as Begonias, Calla Lilies, Gladioli, Gloxinias and Tigridias. In southern California sow annuals, set out perennials and, following rains, plant trees and shrubs. - 29857

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New Baby In The House? Here's Baby Stroller Safety Tips.

By Peter Sontanich

Isn't it wonderful when you bring your first baby home? Suddenly your life has changed forever, and in ways you didn't even think about before baby. You're about to discover how much more difficult it is to get around now with a baby than it was before baby. You need a baby stroller.

And you'll find that there are some practical problems getting around with a new baby too. Suddenly you can't rush out at the last minute, jump in the car and go. Getting in the car with baby has become a longer more drawn out process.

You mum and dad probably had a pram for you. Probably a steel pram that weighed a ton and wasn't really user friendly. Hard to get in the car, heavy and slow to push. You had a real struggle to get baby and pram both into the car.

But modern technology allows the manufacture of strollers that overcome these problems. They are lighter, fold up much better and are way easier to push, with bigger wheels.

And that's not all, there are other benefits to a having a baby stroller too. Benefits for baby. For example you can get strollers with reclining seats so baby can sleep or sit up and look around. And they should have adjustable footrests for a growing baby.

And you should also get plenty of storage space for mums shopping, and you should also make sure you have good brakes.

And whilst talking of brakes, here's a few safety issues. The brakes should be a foot operated brake that operates brakes on all wheels. The brakes should be good enough so that you can stop a fully loaded stroller on a good hill and the brakes will hold. But remember for safety never stop on a hill unless absolutely necessary. And even with the brakes on you should also stop across the hill rather than facing down.

And while talking about safety make sure you're getting a solid adjustable 5 point safety harness, that's essential. There have been accidents in the past where baby has tried to stand up, and succeeded.

And here's a couple more safety tips for the safe use of baby strollers. If you need to take baby and stroller up stairs then look for a lift. It's very difficult to take a baby in a stroller up stairs safely. If you must then take baby out of the stroller, but better not to go up.

And lastly, don't tie your dog lead to the stroller if you're taking the dog. You could well find that suddenly the dog takes off, the stroller follows, and baby is gone.

And surprisingly a good new stroller is very affordable. You can find stroller brand new at an extremely affordable price if you know where. A stroller is very cheap convenience for you and comfort for baby.

Visit my website to find out where to buy cheap strollers. - 29857

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Indoor Solar Lights

By Steve Schafer

How much do you know about solar lighting? Most people don't realize that it can be used both indoors and out. While many of us may not have considered using solar power to provide indoor lighting, it is becoming a growing trend world wide. It is a great way to save both money and energy.

Did you know that solar power use dates back to over 2,600 years ago? Even still, indoor solar lighting technology is fairly new. It is, however becoming more and more frequently used in the U.S. to bring light to small structures such as park restrooms, service sheds, utility structures and others. These are locations far from established grids where conventional power sources would be cumbersome and expensive to run. There are even some commercial buildings that have begun utilizing indoor solar lighting, and the trend is growing in popularity.

Currently most industrial indoor solar lighting is a combination of solar powered lighting and light tube technology. Light tube and solar powered lighting are being used in areas like prisons and other security sensitive applications. The ability of light tubes to be of a small diameter while still transferring significant amounts of natural light indoors makes them ideal in these types of situations. When combined with backup solar powered lighting this hybrid system becomes the most effective and efficient lighting alternative available.

Lighting for your shed, your garage, or gazebo are but a few of the uses for indoor solar lights. They can even be used inside your home. One great benefit is that you don't need to worry about a source of electricity. In addition to that, there is no need to worry about replacing bulbs or the power going out. All you need is direct sunlight to your panel. Indoor solar lights require almost no maintenance and are very simple to install.

Many of us have buildings like garages and sheds that are far away from an electrical source making it difficult and expensive to provide a source of power. Indoor solar lighting can easily solve that dilemma and is very cost effective. You can also use products like solar skylights and track lights in your home.

It is no wonder that that indoor solar lighting is becoming so popular, with all of the different options that are becoming available. Check out your local home improvement store and you will likely find plenty of styles of these eco-friendly lighting products. It is truly exciting to see how rapidly the science is developing with nanoparticle research and solar ink technology, making it cheaper and easier for everyone to go solar. The great thing about using indoor solar lights is that you get to save money and help the environment! - 29857

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Hydroponic Indoor Garden - 9 Reasons To Build It!

By Damian Jackson

Have you ever considered setting up your own hydroponic indoor garden? The advantages and benefits over soil based gardening are many.

Take a look at the following advantages of hydroponic indoor gardening:

1. You will not need to purchase any pesticides! The majority of garden pests thrive in the soil, as you won't be using soil, there is nowhere for the pests to go!

2. After your initial set up costs, indoor hydroponic gardens are around 20% lower than traditional gardening.

3. You will be able to fit more plants in a smaller area. Even though your plants will grow larger in most cases, this is true because the roots don't expand as much in hydroponic gardens. This is because they already have all the nutrients they need.

4. Maintenance time is greatly reduced in indoor hydroponic gardens! Weeding doesn't exist and there is no need to water the plants. In fact all you really need to do is pick the fruit or vegetables when required.

5. The yield is year round and permanent! This is because you have manipulated the growing conditions to be optimum all the time! When its off season, you can sell the crop for higher prices!

6. You can grow them anywhere; garden, greenhouse, rooftop, window ledge, bedroom, attic or cellar.

7. Hydroponic plants grow on average 40% larger than there soil based counterparts. This is because you have given them permanent access to all the nutrients they need and you've given them their ideal growing conditions.

8. A big problem for many novice gardeners is over or under watering! This problem is taken away in indoor hydroponic gardens as you don't need to water them. This can save you accidentally killing them.

9. For the reasons already listed above, hydroponic plants grow up to 50% faster than other methods of gardening! This has obvious advantages if you're feeding a large family or are planning on making some money out of it! - 29857

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Hydroponic Indoor Gardening - 9 Advantages!

By Charles Jackson

Have you ever considered hydroponic indoor gardening? It's a fun and interesting hobby and you can make money too!

Below are some advantages of hydroponic indoor gardening when compared to traditional soil based gardening:

1. After your initial set-up costs, hydroponic gardening is around 20% cheaper to run!

2. You can fit more hydroponic plants in a smaller area. This is despite the plants actually growing larger in most cases, the roots do not grow as big as they don't need to!

3. Maintenance time is greatly reduced! There is of course no need to water hydroponic plants and weeding doesn't exist either! All you'll ever need to do is pick the plants once they are ready!

4. The yield is year round and permanent as you have full control over growing conditions and you will have made them optimum for whatever you are growing. This is great for when it's off season as you can sell them for higher prices.

5. You can grow your hydroponic plants anywhere; basement, living room, bedroom, corridor, garage, greenhouse, rooftop or window ledge.

6. When hydroponic indoor gardening, your plants will grow up to 40% larger! This is due to the optimum growing conditions you have made and their constant access to all the nutrients they need.

7. As you will not be watering them, there is no danger of them being over or under watered! This is a common mistake with many novice gardeners.

8. For the reasons listed above, your plants will grow up to 50% faster! This is ideal if you're feeding a large family or are planning on making money out of it.

9. There is no need to have a garden for hydroponic indoor gardening. So if you live in the arctic or the desert you're fine! More realistically, if you live in a high rise apartment block you can still do it! - 29857

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Indoor Gardening Methods and Systems

By Harry Jackson

There are now many indoor garden systems that can help growers cultivate plants or flowers inside and at any time of year. If you have considered growing indoors now is an excellent time to get started.

They can be used to raise extremely high quality plants anywhere and at any time of year. Indoor gardens are so effective because they permit growers an exceptional degree of control over the growing environment.

No matter the species or type of plant being grown there are only a couple factors that will largely dictate the quality of growth and development; regulating these factors ca go along way to making sure the eventual yield is of very high quality.

Nutrient water feeding and lighting are the two biggest factors that will determine the size, quality, and timing of growth.Plants require specific nutrients and minerals for proper development and lighting provides the energy plants need. Together they supply everything living flora require.

Light is one of the most important elements to supply indoors and also one of the hardest. Outside the sun provides light and provides a significant amount of it. To grow healthy plants indoors the energy from the sun needs to be replicated.

Normal light bulbs found in most household lights are not strong enough to power plant growth. They are not designed to grow plants and so most growers utilize specifically engineered growing lamps. These lamps are used to produce powerful light waves while also being energy efficient to limit electricity usage.

The sun not only produces strong light which helps plants to grow but it also emits light of varying wavelengths. Plants use these different light types and so they must be replicated indoors.

Metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium lights, led grow lamps, and fluorescent grow lights are all types of bulbs favored by indoor gardeners. Some growers use only one type of light and others prefer to use a combination of different lights throughout cultivation. - 29857

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Hinkley Outdoor Lighting Can Bring Life To Your Day

By Jennifer Richard

Hinkley outdoor lighting has many qualities and values that come together and make you aware of all the values and tradition of everyday life in the great outdoors. This company has a mission to bring old world charm with tradition in a variety of colors and styles that go well with any d?cor.

Hinkely offers a wide variety of outdoor lighting in various styles, shapes and colors or finishes so that you are sure to find something in your style that fits your personality. If you are looking for black, you can find it, if you want to be different and unique then they have that too, the choices are endless with Hinkley.

Hinkley has a wide variety of finishes ranging from copper, brass, black, gold, colors and much more. They offer a wide variety of choices from path lights, in ground lights, pool lights and more. The prices are reasonable ranging from 20 dollars up to over 200 dollars per set. There is something that will meet your budget.

Many of us have that magnificent house that we have dreamed of yet we don't know how to accentuate it with the right lighting, look no more with Hinkley outdoor lighting your troubles have been answered look no more. Hinkley will help you find the perfect light to accentuate your home rather it is the front walk, your house in general or path down to the backyard the choices are endless.

By purchasing Hinkley products you will have no more worries of friends and family coming over and stumbling in the yard because they can't see, now with proper outdoor lighting your yard can be lit up so that anyone can see your home or path.

Customers that have bought Hinkley products have raved about all the features and qualities that they can with stand such as bad weather, climate change and more. Lights can be used for many different reasons such as around your pool, deck or pathway in the front yard with outdoor lighting the choices are endless.

Hinkley has a very reputable name and has a very high quality of standard that they with hold with their customers. If you are in the market for outdoor lighting check your options no more, does your one stop shopping with Hinkley? You are guaranteed to find something to meet your needs as well as your budget. My family has used their products for over 13 years and we wouldn't switch to any other brand because all of our expectations have been met with Hinkley. - 29857

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Hydroponic Vegetables - 10 Reasons To Grow Hydroponic Vegetables

By Charlie Jackson

You can grow any vegetable you want hydroponically, there are no limits! It's an exciting hobby and you can even make money from it.

The following are benefits of growing hydroponic vegetables.

1. Hydroponic vegetables grow up to 50% quicker than there soil grown cousins. This is because you have full control over the growing conditions which you will have manipulated to be optimum for whatever you're growing.

2. You don't use soil! So you're not confined to growing in a garden or in plant pots. In fact, if you live in a crowded city centre apartment block then it won't make a difference to your ability to grow whatever you want.

3. There can be no soil borne diseases being passed on.

4. You will not have to purchase any expensive pesticides and chemicals to spray on your hydroponic vegetables as there is no soil, no soil loving pests will get close.

5. Once you have your hydroponic vegetables system set up, the running costs are around 20% lower than traditional gardening. You can also make money by selling your quality vegetables.

6. You can grow more vegetables in a smaller area! This is despite your vegetables actually being bigger when grown hydroponically! Their roots will be smaller which will enable this to happen.

7. Maintenance time is practically none existent! All you really need to do is pick your vegetables when they're ready. There is no weeding to be done in hydroponic gardens.

8. The yield is year long because you are in control of the growing environment. It doesn't change just because its winter. You can sell your vegetables at a higher price when it's off season.

9. You can grow your hydroponic vegetables anywhere; conservatory, garden, greenhouse, corridor, bedroom, rooftop, window ledge or cellar.

10. Hydroponic vegetables grow on average 40% larger than soil grown vegetables. This is because they have access to all the nutrients they need and when ever they want them. - 29857

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9 Reasons To Grow Hydroponic Tomatoes

By Charles Jackson

Hydroponic tomatoes are delicious and you can make some serious money by growing your own.

Below are some reasons why you should grow your own hydroponic tomatoes.

1. As you won't be growing your tomatoes in soil, no soil borne diseases will be passed on! You will end up with much healthier tomatoes as a result which will really show!

2. For the same reason, no soil loving pests and creatures will get near your tomatoes. There will be no need to pay for expensive pesticides and so your tomatoes will be organic too!

3. Once the initial start up costs have been made, running costs are around 20% lower with hydroponics as opposed to traditional soil based gardening.

4. You will be able to plant more tomatoes in a smaller area. This is despite your tomatoes actually being bigger on average also! The reason for this is that hydroponic tomato roots don't need to grow as large.

5. Maintenance time is greatly reduced when growing hydroponic tomatoes. Weeding doesn't exist in hydroponic gardens and there is no need to water them as they already have full access to all the nutrients they need! In fact all you need to do is sit back and pick them once they're ready!

6. There is a year long yield because you have manipulated the growing conditions to be optimum all the time! As soon as it's off season you can sell them for higher prices.

7. You can grow hydroponic tomatoes anywhere you like; window ledge, garage, bedroom, conservatory, rooftop, cellar or greenhouse.

8. They will grow on average 40% larger. This is because you have created their ideal growing environment and they have all the nutrients they need.

9. As you will not be watering them, there will be no danger of you either under or over watering them and putting them in danger. This is a big problem faced by many novice gardeners. - 29857

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Colorful Spring Flower Enjoy Fall Starts

By Thomas Fryd

In most sections of the country fall is garden building time, and in all parts of the country it is spring bulb planting time too. Here are some ideas adapted from gardens seen at several of the large spring flower shows. They will help you crystallize your own ideas on garden improvement and stimulate you to action.

It is not mere chance that many of the ideas shown include spring-flowering bulbs. Flowering bulbs usher in the garden year, and no planting, regardless of its size, can really afford to be without them. Tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are the colorful big three. Use them lavishly for a gay and joyful send-off in your own garden next spring.

Here is a point you should not overlook - From the simple nook-and-corners on up to more ambitious schemes all relate in some way to a house, terrace or other architectural feature. The plants, whether trees, shrubs or spring flowers, are not dropped aimlessly in beds about a yard. They serve to enhance some worthwhile feature and are in turn enhanced by it.

Gardens and the landscape is a continuing process. Plantings started this season may not, in the scheme of things, be completed for several years. The goal is to help you make a start or continue to improve the garden you have.

Large glassed areas of modern homes create a problem for gardeners, but a low raised bed filled with bright bulbs solves it and makes a stunning picture. Through the summer low-growing annuals and ivy edging take over the job.

A tiny front-door terrace is made unusually "happy" by massing yellow trumpet narcissi around porch post. Later, Heavenly blue morning-glories and pots of annuals keep it colorful.

Small properties gain in interest by change of level, variety of texture. An idea from the Washington Show presents a wall of brick, fence-topped, and a plant box with azaleas set out under a flowering tree. Lower level alternates herbs or vegetables with flowers - bulbs, followed by annuals or perennials.

A tiny patio with a picture window overlooking it. Clipped box, santolina, and lavender give it year-round form and interest, with massed hyacinths and tulips providing " spring color. Summer finds rich-colored pansies lending contrast to the silvery foliage tones.

Blossoming shrubs and trees against gray weathered fences are always effective . Use dogwood or a flowering crab, under-planted with a medley of harmonizing spring bulbs, candytuft, aubrieta, stromanthe triostar and alyssum.

Simple color schemes are always in the best of good taste. Those featuring silver with white and green was most effective. White lilies are dramatically silhouetted against deep green shrubs and evergreens. Beds of all-white begonias, impatiens, caladiums and astilbe are outlined with silvery artemisia and Cineraria maritinta. - 29857

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Those With Bermuda Grass Must Read This

By Dewey J Capasso

For southern lawns, Bermuda grass is a sturdy, low growing, highly durable option. It's known for being both drought and heat resistant while offering the added potential benefit of savings on your water bill. Still it will give you a lovely, medium-green lawn that can stand up to plenty of foot traffic from the neighborhood kids without looking worse for wear.

Generally this is considered to be an easy care variety that will thrive with just the least bit of attention. When it is emerging from its dormant period you'll want to rent a aerator and run over your yard thoroughly. Dethatching is another good idea if called for. This way water can penetrate down to the roots more easily.

Even with a reputation of drought tolerance that doesn't mean you shouldn't water. Because if you do so deeply you'll not only encourage deep root development but your turf will take on rich, green carpet-like appearance. While the deeper roots will give it enhanced survivability during dry spells.

Did I mention Bermuda grass loves sunlight? To thrive it needs full sun for most of the day. So don't go planting this sun loving strain in the shade and expect lush success. Yet given plenty of sun it will give you a nice tight turf that can withstand wear better than most grasses.

You can generally mow Bermuda grass quite short. In fact that's what you want to do. Cutting it to a height of about an inch or so is best. Mowing to that height twice a week will result in a stand of turf that is green, dense and even in appearance.

Even though Bermuda grass is a variety that adapts well to poorer soil with good drainage fertilizing can't hurt. Once it shows signs of greening up and is actively growing again in the spring you'll want to feed then. And again in the fall. Applying nitrogen at the rate of one or two pounds per thousand square feet will produce vigorous growth.

Weeds don't stand much of a chance here. Once established Bermuda grass can hold its own without much help from you. Then too, mowing regularly will keep weeds from gaining a foot hold by eliminating their flower heads as doing so prevents them from going to seed.

As it gets cooler and the season changes Bermuda grass will start to look like it's dead as it browns out or goes dormant. Some like to over seed with an winter rye to maintains their lawn's green color during the cooler part of the year. Others don't miss cutting the grass so leave it as is.

Warm season Bermuda grass is popular because it has many desirable traits homeowners covet.. You will find it to be very hardy, durable and resilient. Plus being heat-loving it requires relatively little supplemental water once it has become established. One other plus is it can usually fed off the encroachment of weeds without help from you. - 29857

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American Landscape Trio - Public, Service and Private Areas

By Keith Markensen

Down through the ages various nations and races have developed certain styles in gardening largely because of the different climates and topographical features in their particular parts of the world. If you want to do some extra reading on the history of the landscape art, you will find good books on all phases of the subject in public libraries. The important thing concerning the evolution of the landscape art in America is the fact that there has been developed a distinct style which is admirably suited to our modem way of life. Consequently, in professional circles, it is referred to as the "American Style."

Years ago I remember meeting the famed Brazilian landscape design visionary Roberto Burle Marx who's style fascinated me but was of a completely different flavor than American Style.

Public Area

Basically, American Style is built around the theory that for maximum efficiency, privacy, and beauty, the property shall be divided into three distinct sections: the public area, the service area, and the private area.

The public area is, naturally, that part which is generally seen by the public when walking or riding past the front of the property. Many of us are in the habit of calling it the "front yard." This area, although you have paid for it, pay taxes on it, and also maintain it, does not in a sense belong to you; rather, it is more or less a part of the community, since so many people can see it. Therefore, in all fairness to your neighbors, you should attempt to follow certain set rules concerning its design.

Reciprocal Planning

This also works the other way around in as much as you have to look at the public areas of other home owners. These rules, generally speaking work toward a public area that is pleasant to look at and adds to the dignity of the neighborhood as a whole.

Service Area

The service area of a property is that portion set aside or designated for the more utilitarian activities around a home, such as the garage, driveway and turn-court, yard, garbage cans, compost piles, children's play areas, cut-flower gardens, vegetable gardens, etc.

Since this area is important to the efficient functioning of the home, and the remainder of the garden, plan it with the same thoughtful consideration that you have given to the public and private area. You can also add some umbrella tree to highlight it.

All too often, the home gardener is prone to expend his time, money, and effort on areas where the results will be most evident. Since few outside the family will see service area, it may be neglected.

Private Area

The third or private area is perhaps the most important to the true enjoyment of your home property. This is where the landscape is arranged for you and your friends to enjoy while you are actually in the garden, or as you look out at it through windows or doorways of your home. It is an area devoted solely to relaxation, beauty, and meditation. - 29857

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Buy Cheap Flower Bouquets From Next Day Florists

By James Markus

When thinking of the word 'cheap' there tends to be an association of lack of quality, but this may not always be the case. "Cheap" may well refer to price only if one finds something that is of good value with a low price. There are available that would fit this definition of the word 'cheap', good bargains do exist if you know where to find them.

are usually considered those that you can pick up in bunches, or dozens of lower quality from a grocery store or gas station that doesn't usually offer the full range of services of a true flower shop. They may not have an affiliation with any other company and likely do not deliver, or if they do only to a limited area.

Other discount flowers may be old leftovers that will quickly wilt and lose their attractiveness. You may be able to get by with them for a gathering, but they would disappoint if used as gift for someone special. If you keep in mind what you are buying, they might be alright, but they are not overly useful.

A different idea to getting cheap flowers that are still in excellent condition is to buy online at discount florist. By working in large capacity they are able to pass on an outstanding price to you. This way you not only receive a great value but are being thrifty as well.

They are just as convenient as all other online business, allowing someone to buy online with either a debit or credit card, and to purchase from wherever you can get online. A variety of selections are available to select to send flowers to many locations, just as with conventional retail flower dealers. The prices and styles will also vary quite widely.

You can discover such reputable companies if you enter the word "florist" alongside "discount". You can also turn up sources by looking under "cheap flowers". If you don't have much to spend, you can use a retail discount outlet to obtain a floral present that otherwise wouldn't fit your pocketbook or to select a more impressive present for an identical amount. You certainly shouldn't throw away your dollars when there are terrific discounted deals available to savvy consumers. - 29857

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Ways To Unblock A Drainage Pipe ?

By Scott Rodgers

One of the most widely and frequently occurring plumbing problem in most households is the blockage of the drain pipes whether it is the sink pipe or the bathroom drainage pipe. A water-filled sink would completely disturb the integrity of your home sanitation. It would also enhance the possibilities of associated problems such as leaks, moisture molds etc. in the plumbing system as well.

A plumber/contractor may be hired to fix the block but meanwhile you can try to unblock the drainage yourself by adopting a predefined course of action and certain measures to go with it.

The preliminary step is to figure out how impenetrable the blockage is and whether it is also affecting the functioning of the associated peripherals such as sinks, toilet waste pipes etc. Once the blockage is elaborated, look out for a clog in the drain pipe as most possible reason behind the water hindrance could be a clog in the form of a mixture of hair, dust particles, soap( or shampoo) scum etc.

Start off the campaign by pulling off the pipe's end from the sink or the bathroom's inlet. Unscrew the nuts if its a screwed one.

Remove the clog straightaway if it is visible to you otherwise use a long rod or a hooked wire to reach out to the clog in the pipe.

If you're not able to explore the clog and don't know the exact location of the clog in the pipe then a plunger has to be brought in. A plunger will suck the pipe in and out so as to clear off all the midway lying foreign materials. Once you start noticing a dip in the water level in the bathroom or sink, it means that the clog has been cleared.

If however you only hear some water gurgles but nothing seems to be changing then put a chemical cleaner into the pipe to make way for water. It has to be taken care that the chemical used is potentially hazardous and hence should be used only as the ultimate solution if all else fails.

A plumber/contractor has to be called if you are not able to diagnose the problem and every attempt to fix the block seems to be going in vain. Hence the next time you face such a problem you may recall the plumber's procedure to unblock the waste pipe yourself as well. - 29857

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Support Your Local Wildlife with an Inviting Backyard Habitat

By Jim Navary

A wildlife habitat is a combination of food, water, shelter, and space arranged to meet the needs of wildlife. Even a small yard can be landscaped to attract birds, butterflies, beneficial insects, and small animals. Trees, shrubs, and other plants provide shelter and food for a variety of wildlife.

The variety of wildlife species that will be attracted to your backyard depends upon the plants you use for food and cover. Nesting boxes, feeders, and watering sites, such as ponds and fountains, can be added to improve the habitat.

Planning is necessary for attractive and productive wildlife habitat. You have both a horizontal area to work with -- the size of your lot -- as well as a vertical area that stretches from your soil to the treetops. The vertical area is composed of the canopy formed by the tallest tree branches; understory vegetation consisting of smaller trees, shrubs, and vines; the floor which is often dominated by low-growing plants (grasses, flowers, etc.) and the basement where a wide range of organisms live in the soil. Different wildlife species live in each of these zones, so numerous habitats can be provided on a small piece of land.

Of course, trees, shrubs and flowers are the backbone of any landscaping design and are important for wildlife shelter. Many tree and shrub species are excellent sources of food for wildlife. Proper selection of plant material will meet both the aesthetic needs of the homeowner and the food and shelter needs of wildlife. Don't forget, you are also an important part of the habitat!

A word about native vs exotic plants Native plants are better for the habitat than exotic plants, generally requiring less fertilizer and other additives, less water, and less effort in pest control. They are especially important to native wildlife, such as pollinators, that may have co-evolved with a particular native species. Pollinators often rely on a certain type of flower as a source of food, while the flower depends on the pollinator to transport its pollen to other flowers for reproduction.

Non-native plants in a backyard habitat can damage the delicate balance of the local ecosystem. All too often they can even crowd out native species to the point of extinction. Local wildlife benefit more when native plants remain in place, or are restored to their natural habitats, thus providing the best source of food for local animals. - 29857

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Happy Birthday, With A Twist

By Byron Jonas

For some people, getting together and hanging out with family is easier said than done. If you live and work in one part of the country or even an entirely different part of the world, being able to sit down and have a meal and catch up with your closest family members is not something you can do on a daily or weekly basis. Rather, if you are somebody who lives in a different area than the rest of your family, you may very well only get to see them all together once or twice a year. As a result, family reunions are something that many people look forward to as an annual event and tradition.

No matter what culture you are a part of a family reunion may very well be something that you participate in every year. However, the way in which you celebrate this lovely occasion may be totally unique compared to how others go about planning a similar event.

However, the most common setting for a family reunion is a large meal in which everybody invited can partake. Many people go out and rent a large room in a restaurant so as to make sure there is enough room for everybody to be seated comfortably. If you throw your next reunion at a restaurant, you can enjoy the food prepared by chefs and be waited on by a staff that will take care of setting everything up and taking everything away and cleaning up once the event has come to a close. Yet, having a restaurant host your next reunion may not be the best way to go.

While reunions are happening all year round, most of them are scheduled during the warmer months on the calendar. As a result, many people decide to organize an outdoor picnic as the setting for their next family reunion.

Another possibility is to have your party at a live music or live sporting event. This will ensure that your guests are entertained by the event itself, and will also remember the fun they had at the concert or game and associate it with you and your birthday. It is a great way to leave a lasting impression on your friends and family and an almost surefire way to make sure that they remember the event for years to come. However, some members of your party may instantly be turned off by the event you take them to, simply because they do not enjoy the music or are uninterested in the game being played.

Some people worry about organizing such an important event in an outdoor location, because bad weather can ruin an otherwise joyous occasion. However, with products like outdoor instant shelters readily available, you can put these fears to bed. These outdoor shelters are incredibly easy to set up and will protect you and your family from having your much-anticipated reunion rained out.

Moreover, outdoor instant shelters may prove helpful on even the sunniest of days. With a family reunion, you are likely to have some relatives attend who are particularly old and have difficulty absorbing a full day in the sun. As a result, having an outdoor instant shelter set up at your family reunion's picnic will provide people who need it a break from the sun and they can enjoy the day's festivities from a comfortable seat in the shade.

When all is said and done, a family reunion should be a joyous event that everybody looks forward to each and every year. With outdoor instant shelters, you can put your fears to bed and enjoy what is meant to be a fun, happy event, no mater what mood Mother Nature is in. - 29857

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Insulate Your Home Well !

By Scott Rodgers

If you are living an area where the temperature goes below zero degree Celsius inside the home, then beware, there are high chances of pipe freezing and bursting because when water freezes, it expands up to 9% and if there is no sufficient place for expansion, the pipe will naturally burst.

When the pipe starts defrosting, it will leak and the leak can be anywhere through out the supply system. This can be very damaging, even more than a burst pipe and can cost a lot of money.

To save your home plumbing system from freezing during winters, it is advisable to get your home properly insulated. It is also important that you home should be built according to the current building codes, then under normal conditions(i.e. the heating system runs properly, the electricity supply stays on, and the furnace fuel supply never runs out.), you will never face this problem.

So, the best solution to avoid any such situation is to build the house properly. If an older house has insulation problems, this can be fixed during remodeling. If the work involves removing drywall, then the wall cavities can be insulated properly. Foam insulation can be added to the inside face of the studs, or to the outside walls before siding is replaced, or both.

You can even add more insulation to the attic if there is space for it. Spending money here will surely prove to be beneficial in the future because insulation will keep your plumbing system from freezing and in addition to that insulation helps in reducing home's heat loss, therefore less amount of energy would be required to heat the home. This will lower your electricity bills as well.

Making many changes in the home can cost a lot of money. So, a less expensive solution to this problem is to apply electric heat tape around the pipe. It is controlled thermostatically so becomes active automatically when the temperature is very low.

Another way to prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting is to leave the taps in your house in dripping mode. It will make sure that the water in the pipes is in flowing condition and thus will check the water in the pipes from freezing.

It is generally advised to let the faucet run with a stream of water about the same diameter as a pencil. The stream needs to be warm water if you have both hot and cold water lines that are vulnerable to freezing. This is waste of energy but sometimes you have to follow this in order to prevent some major damage. - 29857

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Chainsaw Carvings as Gifts

By Kenneth Redfield

Chainsaw carvings that are masterfully done are a feast for the eyes. They are also great addition to your home's interior, welcoming guests right at your door. But aside from being a fixture in your home or in your lawn, chainsaw carvings can also be great for gifts.

Chainsaw carvings are unique creations. They are mostly shaped out of tree stumps that are very unsightly even to the ordinary individual. And the process of turning tree stumps and other chunks of wood into magnificent works of art is so meticulous that even the most hard to please person earth will be impressed.

More than just the blades of chainsaws, the chainsaw carver must also put into his art a great deal of creativity and imagination. In most respects, the chainsaw carver is like a sculptor. The only significant and visible difference is that the chainsaw carver uses chainsaws rather than a hammer and a chisel.

Aside from art pieces, a chainsaw carver can also create functional items you can use every day. Chainsaw carvers also create great, custom-made pieces of furniture that possess a rustic appeal. Wooden dining tables that are masterfully carved out with a chainsaw are far more alluring than the ones made of steel and plastic.

If you opt to give a friend or a loved one a gift, consider gifting them with a chainsaw carving. They will really remember you for it. Whether its a minor wooden statuette or a grand coffee table, they will definitely appreciate the gift and the gesture.

But before you do purchase a chainsaw carving, you need to make sure of the quality of the product. When you want a customized chainsaw carving, make sure that the carver is a master of his art. Experienced carvers are very skilled that most of the time, their creation look as if they are made by hands.

If you can't locate a chainsaw carver in your area, you can always go to the malls and shopping strips. Chainsaw carvings are getting popular these days. You'll be certain to find some products in the malls. - 29857

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