Custom Closet Designs in Miami FL: Looks Plus Comfort

By Daniel Nakamura

Making the most out of your closet space can be simple when you have a closet design plan. Before you purchase anything, you should plan the closet design with care. You will need to ask yourself a few questions before you begin the project.

One of the questions you may want to ask is should there be a place to sit? If your closet is large enough, then a sitting area may be a nice touch.

Linen closets - To maximize the space for this type of closet design, or at least provide better, neater storage, there are some options. Compartmentalized shelves can make it much easier to keep wash clothes, pillow cases and other small items sorted. Large rubber tubs or other similar devices can work great at the bottom of a closet for holding blankets and other big items. Regular shelving tends to work best for towels and sheets.

Bedroom closets - The options for closet design here are many. Some of the more simplistic tools to bring into play include such things as full dressers, narrow chests of drawers, shoe racks and even plastic storage tubs or shelving systems. There are some great options pre-fabricated that can make a do-it-yourself job really easy.

Some people install floor to ceiling shelving on one wall to handle sweaters, blankets and other things they don't always need to get their hands on. Hanging shelving for shoes, for example, can also be a great addition that is very easy to install.

Make the storage space bigger. The shelf area can be doubled by expanding wire racks. Some items can be placed under them while others can be placed on tops. Using wire racks are really much safer than stacking cans. An organizer on the door of the closet can provide storeroom for small packages that can easily be misplaced when placed on shelves while the over-the-door organizer can be the place for medicines and vitamins so they can be kept out of children's reach. This can also be the right compartment for the things that you used everyday. Expanding the closet's shelf can also provide storage for paper goods.

Combine and clarify items. The items put inside the bags or boxes such as cereal, pasta and chips can be transferred into transparent plastic containers that are capable of storing food stuffs compactly while allowing to you see right away what's inside.

You will find all the supplies and inspiration you will need to get your project started as well as adding all the finishing touches to your beautiful, spacious closet design. - 29857

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