Types Of Flowers Suited For Specific Occasions

By Timothy Daniels

A trip to a florist for the right bouquet may be a nerve-racking experience, as every flower shop gives you plenty of choices. But the good news is that you can reduce your options keeping the occasion in consideration, as different flowers have different meanings associated with them and thus each is suited for a particular event. Knowledge of this meaning will help you to filter out those bouquets that won't fit the occasion, and will help you find the correct one.

Since Victorian times , and perhaps even before that, flowers of all kinds have come to symbolize different emotions. Red roses stand for sincerity in love, and yellow roses symbolize love that is less physical and more like companionship. Tulips and carnations too communicate messages and feelings according to their different colours.

Brightly coloured flowers are suited for birthdays. For anniversaries, like 25 years, the most proper are luxurious and conventional bouquets with a suitable color scheme. To observe a birth, pink flowers are an obvious choice for a girl, and orange or yellow flowers for a boy. The type of flower most suitable for all these occasions are gerberas, these are vibrant and bold flowers..

Weddings are special events and most guests are expected to present bouquets to the couple. Buyers should keep in mind the seasonal and thematic setting of a marriage while buying bouquets for the purpose. For instance, spring flowers can be used for a springtime wedding, or an arrangement of red and white flowers can be presented at an elegant and traditional affair.

Colourful and bright flowers should be reserved for joyous occasions like anniversaries and birthdays, and flowers like roses, daisies and chrysanthemums are the best for bouquets meant for such event s. For scholastic achievements like graduation, the selection of flowers should be both cheerful and subtle. Lilies are a good idea in such cases, and people mostly prefer to mix 3-4 colours of the flower for a striking effect.

Brightly coloured flowers are suitable for birthdays. For milestone anniversary such as 25 years, a more formal and luxurious bouquet is appropriate, possibly with a specified colour scheme to suit the occasion. To celebrate a birth, pink flowers are an apparent choice for a girl, and orange or yellow flowers for a boy. Gerberas are brilliant and bold flowers, perfectly fit to a happy occasion like a birthday, anniversary or birth.

Serious flowers like white carnations are the most appropriate for an event of grief, like the recent death of a close acquaintance. A white bouquet or wreath conveys that the giver wishes the soul of the departed to rest in peace. An unwell person bound to his or her bed must be presented with a bunch of colourful tropical blooms, as such colours of vigour are seen as wishing for restoration of health and bringing the sick person back to his feet quickly.

Finding the correct bouquet for the event in a flower shop might seem like something entirely beyond an average person, but advice of a good florist will make the task easy for you. If you are purchasing flowers from a good florist in Singapore, then the salespeople there will readily guide you in making the correct choice for your purpose. - 29857

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