Installation Of Under- Cabinet Puck Lights

By Scott Rodgers

Deficient light in the kitchen makes the work not only boring but difficult. Improper light on the kitchen counter tops often seems to be a big problem when you are unable to even make out your doings. The way to solve this problem is to mount lighting to the underside of overhead cabinets.

Under- cabinet lighting is available in a couple of varieties but, the one that has really flooded the market is, puck lights. These are a superb way to brighten up some particular places in the kitchen which are otherwise darker and difficult to access. In addition to this if one wants to spruce up their kitchen's appearance drastically, one can actually op for an aesthetically designed puck lights.

Do you think, it is hard to incorporate cabinet lighting into cabinets? Well, the answer to this question is, no. even the homeowners can easily carry out the installation beautifully and properly. All you need is to be handy with some of the very important tools like screwdriver, pencil and a wire cutter.

Before getting into the installation process, first decide the places where you want to have those lovely light fixtures. Beside this, make sure that you have rightly marked the location leaving equal gaps between each light. Generally, the space between the two lights is 18 inches.

Mark those places with a pencil. This will ensure that your lighting fixtures are placed alike and in similar fashion. Even a small variation will make the complete arrangement look ugly and unpleasant.

After you've marked the locations, mount the light housing beneath the counter. Secure the housing and other hardware using the screws that comes with the light kit. Carefully notice that each housing has an opening at the bottom side to facilitate the electrical wiring. Avoid this opening in the front as this will look unsightly.

Measure the distance from one light to another and between the power source to the first light to determine the length of your wiring. Cut the wires accordingly. Since, the puck lights are connected in series, these are operated using a single power source.

Mount your lights into the housings and connect the power wiring. Also, do not work with the live electricity. Turn off the power from the mains before getting into the task. - 29857

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