The Blue Dendrobium Orchid is a Stunning Addition to Any Setting

By Sarah Duke

It's quite amazing how the appeal of the blue dendrobium orchid is rising at such a fast pace. Then again, maybe it is not so astounding. It forms gorgeous and long-lasting flowers in dramatic tones of blue and is a beautiful addition to any flower display. It's also a favorite of many orchid growers, and it is interesting to note that this lovely flower is becoming a highly stylish house plant too.

The blue dendrobium boasts a rich history. It is native to the Philippines where it thrives as a native species. It's fairly comparable in looks to particular moths that flutter all around in the wilds of that country. However a transformation has occurred in the blue dendrobium that is offered in recent years in comparison with the traditional flowers that grow in their natural habitat. The present-day variety is a cross that's actually a great deal more bold in color than its long-established forerunner.

The blue dendrobium orchid is actually rather rare and there are a few types that are even threatened. This is mostly because their natural environs have been spoiled. However you can cultivate this striking orchid in your own home provided that you have purpose, persistence and the correct knowledge concerning how to grow these blooms.

In terms of growing the blue dendrobium orchid, you must be sure to follow one simple rule. The hotter it is, the more water you need to offer it; and the cooler the temperature, the less watering is required. This may seem obvious; however the fact is that you have to change your watering schedule based on the time of year. Throughout the summer you will have to water these plants about every five days, or less, but in wintertime you can hold off up to 12 days between waterings.

Of course, if you don't possess the time or persistence to raise the blue dendrobium orchid you can always buy them from countless florists, both online and off. You can get just-cut blue dendrobiums in a choice of shades. They make a magnificent enhancement to a bridal bouquet, and moreover are a very appealing centerpiece for the wedding reception, or even as a lovely flower arrangement for your house. - 29857

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