The Stages Of Drought

By Neoma Archer

In case you do not know, yes, drought comes in stages and there are even times when experts or those who are into this type of thing will tell you about the different stages of drought. Such may be too much for you but it is really important that you know just what you are looking at especially if you have a lawn or a garden. You do not want drought to happen to your precious piece of land that you have tended to and cared for.

There are mainly two things that are affected by drought when it comes visiting on your lawn or your garden. One of the things that you would find affected by such a phenomenon is the health of the lawn or the garden. With that, you may not see it right away especially in the early stages of drought. But deep inside and beneath, the plants on your lawn or garden will be already suffering. Think of the plants as people and drought as some sickness - that one person may look really healthy to the eye but if you do the right tests, you will find out that he is not all that well.

And then drought affects how your lawn or your garden looks. Now if you are the type of person who definitely takes pride in all the things that you have really worked hard on, your lawn or your garden looking like it has been through a war is definitely not what you want to see. So in this case, the appearance is another aspect that drought affects. Now, as experts say, if you are armed with information on this phenomenon, then you are most likely going to stop and save your garden or your lawn before everything goes bad.

The first stage of drought is known as temporary drought and that happens when the lawn actually does not get the right amount of moisture for a week at the very most. You will see that the grass will turn almost grayish. You will know that the drought is just a temporary stage because if you stick in a screwdriver to the soil, it will be quite hard to do.

When the second stage comes around, you will know that it is known as permanent drought. This is when the lawn has gone dry for over a week. Though it may have received moisture, that moisture may not be enough. The grass is already golden or even brown by this time and that is not something good to see.

History of drought is what you will call the last stage of drought and this is something that you definitely would not want to happen to your lawn or your garden. During this final stage, your lawn or garden would not have grass in it. Maybe some weeds will still be growing in it but that is that. The soil has already gone too dry. - 29857

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