Making Your Yard the Ideal Place for a Party

By Byron Jonas

Choosing to throw a party in your home has the potential to be a wonderful affair, if done the right way. While you open your doors and play the host, your best friends and closest relatives come together to share good times among like-minded people. It's easy to distinguish between a top-notch party and a stuffy affair, but if you make people comfortable immediately, you could end up hosting a celebration that everyone will remember for years.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to host a party indoors during months when the weather is perfect for enjoyment outdoors. Naturally, the sun can become a real hindrance in the peak of summer, but there are ways to remedy the situation. Setting up a marquee in your yard area will give party goers the option to stand outside and socialize or stay inside for a more intimate setting. Offering this choice will set the tone for a successful gathering.

The Outdoor Instant Shelters marquees allow you to spread the party out and use more of your property for guests to enjoy themselves. It can work with a more intimate setting as well, with some tables and chairs set beneath and your food being presented within the friendly confines of the marquee. For a more lively affair, place your bar underneath and make the shelter the party's focal point.

When it becomes too expensive to rent a restaurant or bar for a party, make a small investment in an outdoor shelter and be comfortable that you can handle the party yourself.

For children having a birthday party, it's great fun for kids to have the opportunity to roam outside, rather than be stuck in the house, where kids can grow restless.

While you are doing all of your party planning, the Outdoor Instant Shelters marquee can stay at the bottom of your list of worries. The shelter can be erected by two people in only one minute's time. Shopping for food and drinks will be a different story, let alone setting the list of guests.

Birthday parties will be entirely appropriate using your marquee, but the list doesn't end there. Hosting a small wedding reception would be fine in the summer months, as well as any other holiday get-togethers.

Since outdoor parties usually fail because of the weather, you can strike that worry from your mind. An outdoor marquee will block out nearly 100% of harmful UV rays, keeping guests safe from the sun and inclement weather.

During the course of any party in the home, there are always a number of mishaps that occur, whether it's a spill on a prized couch or a broken vase. Besides these embarrassing miscues, there is a considerable amount of cleanup involved when guests have been drinking. Hosting the party in your yard eliminates many issues.

However, once you are known to have an outdoor shelter and throw a successful party, watch out. Everyone will want to know when the next event will be. Say goodbye to unattended parties forever. - 29857

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