Enhance Your Environment with a Solar Water Fountain

By Jim Navary

Twenty years ago solar powered devices were seen as experimental and were quite expensive. Except for small items such as watches and calculators, solar power was an option for only a few large scale, expensive devices. Recently, however, relatively cheap solar panels make solar power a practical option for many common devices. Since their introduction, solar water fountains have become quite popular as enhancements to both outdoor garden and indoor decor.

Solar Water Fountains Are Environmentally Friendly

The negative environmental impact of electrical power generation by the burning of fossil fuels has been well documented. Obviously, the more electrically powered luxuries you have, the more electrical power you will use. Although garden fountains place only moderate demands on the power grid, that demand is constant. The more non-renewable energy that is saved, the less demand there will be for additional power generation. The "green" option of switching over non-essential electrical demands to solar sources provides a definite benefit to the environment.

Solar Fountains Reduce Dependence on Commercial Power Sources

When summer weather arrives people begin using additional electrically powered items ranging from outdoor lights to electric coolers. In addition, the wide-spread use of air conditioning creates a significant drain on the power grid. If you've ever experienced a "brown out" on a sweltering summer day, you have felt the effects of power usage overload. By using a solar powered water fountain, rather than a conventionally powered fountain, you are doing your part to reduce the overall load on the local power grid without having to sacrifice the relaxing effects of a water fountain.

Solar Water Fountains Are Easily Transported

Since solar fountains are entirely self contained, there is no need to place them close to a household power outlet or to trip over the clutter of extension cords. As a result, relocating a solar fountain to a different location is much simpler than relocating a fountain that requires external power. To move the fountain simply drain it, move it and its solar panel to the desired location, and the move is finished. This flexibility means that you can place your solar fountain anywhere where the solar panel will catch light. You don't need to limit your options to locations close to an electrical outlet. This portability also makes moving your fountain indoors at the end of the outdoor season a very simple process.

Solar Fountains Are Not As Expensive As You May Think

With the development of inexpensive solar panels, solar water fountains are now available at prices well within most home owners budgets. Some models start at under $75 making a solar powered fountain an excellent choice for starter fountains.

Solar Water Fountains Are Adaptable

Although most solar fountains are primarily outdoor fountains, they also make excellent indoor fountains if placed in a room in the house with sufficient access to sunlight, e.g., sun room, skylights, greenhouses etc. They can even work well into the winter although the amount of available sunlight will directly affect their performance. Combined with a solar fountain's superior portability, it is possible to enjoy a solar fountain nearly year-round. - 29857

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