Kitchen Composter Program

By Wayne Allen

Having a compost pile in your backyard is good for you but it is also very good for the environment. It is not troublesome or time consuming if done right. There is also a misconception that compost is smelly and messy , but if the pile is put together right this is not the case.

There are those that would buy their fertilizer and soil amendments from their local garden store. I believe it is best to stay as natural as possible, stay away from chemical fertilizers. Really there is no hassle in making a compost in your backyard from items that were destined for the trash can.

When you begin a kitchen composter program the materials that you will need and the items that you will use are free. The cost of chemical fertilizers and other items from the local gardening store are constantly on the rise. With a little bit of time and the right ingredients you can produce the best fertilizer known to man in the convenience of your own backyard.

Compost will provide more of the nutrients and minerals that your plants need. The effects of natural compost will last longer than store bought fertilizers.

Compost is also better for the soil structure. It will make the soil more resistant to erosion, improve its retention of water and in many cases it will prevent the soil from becoming compact. This factor can be important to large gardens as it will cut down on tilling time and reduce fuel that is used to operate machines.

The right composting technique can kill weeds, pests and other disease causing organisms. High temperature composting is the technique that I am referring to. This technique usually involves some type of an enclosed structure, it will possibly spin to allow a small amount of aeration into the compost.

There are studies that show that using compost can suppress the growth of diseases in crops. Crops grown over compost rich soils are resistant to pest or insect attacks. There are also observations that crops grown in a field with compost fertilizer can be a lot stored longer.

Compost has a benefit for the environmentalist also. Using compost along with the soil can build soil carbon which can eventually reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It will take a lot of compost to have a positive effect on the greenhouse gases. - 29857

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