Buying The Correct Lawn Mower

By Kevin Young

You have finally made the big move out of an apartment in the city to a home in the suburbs. You love your new home with your own space outside. The trees and flowers are growing nicely, but there is one problem, management has not cut the grass in weeks. You suddenly realize, you are management and it is time to get a lawn mower.

Down at the home improvement store you find that there are many mowers from which to choose.

If you lawn is small, you may be able to get away with a manual lawn mower. They are very quiet to operate and require no fuel or power. They do require that you supply all the energy needed to mow your grass. These mowers are some of the most gentle at cutting grass available. You may need to mow more than once a week during the growing season as these mowers do not do well with tall grass.

For a somewhat larger lawn, you could choose a lawn mower with a gasoline engine. They take less energy to push and do a good job at cutting grass. Most have a pull rope for starting which is sometime a problem for people who lack the proper strength to start the mower.

These gasoline mowers come in various cutting widths, usually between eighteen and twenty two inches. While the smaller mowers are the easiest to push, the larger ones cut the grass at a quicker pace.

For even easier mowing, choose a self-propelled mower. The gasoline engine that turns the blade also can turn the wheels so all you need to do is walk behind the mower and steer the mower.

If you happen to live in a community that has rules restricting the use of gasoline mowers or have difficulty starting or pushing a gasoline mower, you may find that an electric mower is a better choice. These mowers are very quiet when operating and easy to push. There is no starting required. The only drawback is that you will have to have a long enough power cord to operate the mower. Many operators have made the mistake of mowing over the power cord and cutting it with the mower.

For larger lawns, you may choose a riding lawn mower. Riding mowers often cut a thirty six to fifty inch swath each pass. They leave the lawn with a very smooth appearance that is not always possible with other mowers. In addition, riding mowers may be used to pull small trailers to carry other landscaping materials. Riding mowers are the most expensive of the mowers.

Since you are now a homeowner with a lawn to care for, you need to be sure that you purchase the correct lawn mower. If you get the correct mower, mowing the lawn does not have to be a chore but can become a part of the joy of owning your own home. You can take pride in the lawn that you take care of by yourself. - 29857

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