What To Do If Your Drains Get Blocked

By Lee Davidson

It is perhaps stating the obvious to say that drains like everything else need maintenance. Grease, grime, silt, hair, all sorts of things that children put down the sink, etc. can all cause problems with a drain. In the end, the pipe just cannot take any more any the result- flow of fluids is reduced and a blockage comes next

When a drain, or worse still, a sewer is physically damaged, problems naturally follow. Blockages are the usual result and this can be a major problem. The root cause (pardon the pun) can be something as simple as tree, shrub or other plant roots. Make sure when planting trees in particular that you plant them well away from the run of the drainage system. Don't know where that is? Call in an expert

Drains made some time ago can be made from metals that corrode. common sense tells you that this isn't a smart idea but it is sadly true. Watch out for a slowing of the drainage, it it a sure sign that something is wrong and that you should look to get your drains inspected before it gets worse

Preventing a blockage from happening is usually far batter than dealing with the inevitable smelly consequences that arise from a blocked drain. Fat, grease and hair are far better composted than allowed to be put down the drain. Peas and sweetcorn are amongst the other items found in blocked drains. Do yourself a favour, whilst it may be unsavoury, fish them out before they disappear from view down the plug hole

Taking precautions isn't always enough. Factors outside your control can mean that you have a problem even though you didn't allow a single hair to go down your drain. Getting yourself a set of drainage rods from a local DIY store could be a way to sort the problem. Be careful though, many problems are actually made worse by people breaking the fabric of the drain by doing this themselves. Call the experts in- it's easier in the long run

To block a drain using high pressure water jets (sometimes called jetting) can be a solution to a tricky problem. Be careful though when you bring out the pressure washer. You could end up doing some serious harm to either yourself or the drains- leave it to the professionals, it's cheaper and safer in the long run - 29857

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