How to Become a Florist

By Amy Nutt

If you enjoy creating flower arrangements, you may want to consider a career as a florist. A florist creates flower arrangements for customers who want to express their feelings for someone special or for a special occasion. You are not required to have a specific license to be a florist, but you do need knowledge and experience in flower and plant arrangement.

The responsibilities of a florist include: conditioning the flowers, watering and feeding the plants, unpacking and caring for flower shipments, pricing products, attending to the customers in person and by phone, taking flower and plant orders, maintaining the shop, accounting duties and other business tasks, and arranging floral displays in the shop.

If you have a passion for flowers and would like a job working with them, the following tips will help you obtain a career as a florist:

1. When you embark on a career as a florist, you have the option of either self employment, working for someone else, or working for a floral franchise. It is important to have knowledge of business. This includes booking orders and accounting. You should take a few business and marketing courses.

2. As a florist, you will be required to have good interpersonal skills. You need to know how to respond to different situations such as being empathetic to people ordering flowers for funerals. You have to be sensitive to a variety of situations. You will be helping people choose a particular flower arrangement so will need excellent people skills.

4. Attending a floral design school is a good idea. Some programs will train you in the art of floral design and you will receive a diploma or certificate. Having a diploma makes you a more credible floral designer. Do a search for floral design programs in your area. As well, there are online floral training schools. There are also book and video courses. If you do not want to attend a florist program, work for a floral designer to learn more about creating arrangements. You can ask the floral shop owner for advice on how to start your own business. The business owner can explain the advantages and disadvantages of being a floral designer. If you excel at your job, the local, for example, Boston florists may offer a business partnership.

5. Practice your floral design techniques and donate them to charities. It is not only good practice, but you are getting your name out to the public. It is a good marketing tool. Keep up-to-date on current designing trends by taking continuing education courses at the local community college or floral school.

If you have a genuine interest in cut flowers, an eye for design and coordinating colors, a career as a florist may be the choice for you. Knowledge of flowers and plants, the care of flowers, the emotions they express, and the varieties of flowers, are an essential part of the florist business. There are many opportunities for one to become a florist. Becoming a florist is a perfect job for someone who loves flowers and loves to tap into their imagination. It is a rewarding career for someone who has a passion for expressing their creativity. - 29857

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