Bathroom Lighting

By Scott Rodgers

You don't have to endure a whole bathroom remodel to enjoy a fresh look. If your bathroom feels dull and dingy, there are a number of things you can do in a day or a weekend to really perk things up.

Without spending a lot of money, you can freshen up your bathroom with organization, fresh color, updated lighting, and good accessories. And each one of these ideas will help to really make a difference in the look and comfort of your bathroom.

Here are some ideas for making simple changes to the bathroom by changing or adding lighting accessories. And through these, you can bring real style, wonderful color, and convenience to your bathroom.

If your bathroom is too dark, there are several options to add fresh lighting. If you have a 3-light fixture, you can change it to a 5- or 7-light fixture to bring in more light. Go for a higher watt bulb if the fixture can accommodate it. Add additional light fixtures or recessed lighting.

If you can not bring in more lighting with the existing fixture, you can replace it with a new one. Now since you are replacing it, you can select the most latest in the market and that goes well with the entire decor theme of the area. For example, you can go for clear glass globes rather than frosted as they will offer more lighting.

Dimmer switches are becoming very popular these days. You have full control over the lighting level and can change it as per your requirements. Through these you can create different moods by making the lights dim or bright. These are very convenient to use and also helps in saving energy.

Installing wall sconces in the bathroom is a great idea. They will look good if installed on the either side of the mirror but before this make sure that you have electrical points near it so that they can be installed without any major trouble. You might also have to call a professional electrician to get them installed.

Another creative idea is to place a small table lamp in your bathroom vanity if it has enough counter top space. An electrical outlet is also a must. But keep it away from any water source so as to avoid accidents. This can look really beautiful and you can use it as a night light. - 29857

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