Effective Landscape With Visual Tools

By Marshall Clewis

To get the most out of your landscape and garden you must continue to learn. Online resources and garden encyclopedia won't do you much good lying on a shelf. The encyclopedias of the best gardeners I know are well thumbed and well worn. You will, of course, turn to your "garden bible" and more people are going online for their information whenever you are confronted with a particular horticultural problem and, in most cases, you will find a complete answer or at least obtain much help.

But cultivate, too, the habit of taking the time and reading at other times, when no special problem is puzzling you. You will find much of absorbing interest and will gain a wealth of knowledge in that way. Furthermore, you will get to know your encyclopedia, so that when trouble does come you will remember much that you have absorbed in casual reading and will know just where to look for further enlightenment.

The garden resource can help you tremendously with your gardening efforts. You will find it a stout friend upon which to depend and rely. But it cannot, of course, do your gardening for you; it must be your thought and effort that will result in a successful garden. Before making new plantings, become familiar with the kinds of plants that thrive in gardens, parks and nurseries in your locality. In the main, depend upon such kinds in your own garden. Introduce new and unusual items on a trial basis only, until they have proved themselves to you. Buy your plants and garden supplies from reliable, established dealers. Extra-cheap "bargains" from questionable sources are likely to prove expensive in the end.

Inspect the plants in your garden and home with some degree of minuteness at fairly frequent intervals. In this way you will detect slight changes that may forewarn you of more serious troubles later on. Close observation, followed by correct diagnosis and prompt remedial action, is the best insurance against trouble in the garden. Close observation will also enable you to time matters so that your plants receive particular kinds of care just when needed.

By looking at your plants and seeing them as individuals, rather than as part of a pleasing landscape picture, you will learn to know them really well. This will greatly increase the pleasure your garden gives you.

Gardening is healthful, fruitful and pleasant, a fine vocation for young and old as well as for those in middle years. Its practical products flowers, fruits like zone 10 fruit trees, vegetable and fine landscapes are appreciated by everyone. And speaking of landscapes, let us not forget that a well planned, well kept garden adds much to the sales value of your property.

May I wish you success in your gardening efforts. Remember, success is not a matter of luck or of natural ability but of applying acquired knowledge in an intelligent, practical way. This encyclopedia will be a tower of strength to help you achieve this. - 29857

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