The Beauty Of Canadian Flowers

By Adriana Noton

You can find lovely Canadian flowers growing in the forests, gardens and along the roadsides all throughout Canada. These are a little different than some you may be used too but they definitely have a unique beauty to each and every one.

In Saskatchewan the West Red Lily can be located and was named the flower of this county around the 1940's. These beauties are found in meadows and smaller forest lands. They carry a vibrant red color to them and a flickering of gold within their centers.

Lovely wild roses adorn much of Canada from British Columbia through to over Quebec. In the 1930's children from the Alberta Schools voted that this should become their flower and it has been called so ever since.

The grand Maple Leaf is Canada's main flower and representation of all of Canada territories. It is designed into the flags as well because of its importance. The coloring of these maple leaves are elegantly hued and they look even better on the maple trees as they are in full bloom season.

Prince Edward Island is an exquisite place to visit and the added joy of finding lovely Lady's Slippers blooming all over it is a great bonus. These can only be found within the spring seasons and tend to have more growth in forested areas and places that carry a lot of shade. These are elegant and look like a true lady's slippers she may be wearing to a grand ball.

In the spring months until the end of May you will notice striking Pacific Dogwoods blooming as they tower toward the brilliant blue skies.

Mayflowers can be found throughout the Nova Scotia region and also along the northeastern coasts as well. The Mayflowers were named specifically for the famous Mayflower we all know of from our history books.

Ontario is alive with White Trillium's in their dainty and joyful white and ivory angelic colors. These are most prominent within meadow lands and fields as well as the forests.

Quebec is home to the Delicate Blue Flags. These flowers have contributed to the landscape here from 1936 on when they were introduced here for the first time.

The daintily look of the Purple Violet can be found growing in New Brunswick. The tiny flowers consist of dark blue and violet colors and grow mostly in the meadow wet lands and damp forests.

Yukon Territory has quite an unusual flower called a Fire weed. These grow great on places where they have been fires recently and are full of endurance. They have vivid bright red and pink in darker hues on them and are very tall. These also flourish around rivers edge and the sides of roads in the country.

A truly unique and interesting plant called the Pitcher Plant can be found growing in Labrador and Newfoundland. This flower can actually water itself. Water fills the top like a water pitcher would and then as water and some insects are trapped within the plants holding area they digest them for nutrients and food.

Beautiful and magical flowering varieties are around us wherever we may go. Getting to see them first hand as in these Canadian flowers is a true treat and well worth a planned vacation to spy them in their best months. The Earth is full of wonderful surprises around every corner. Whether it be a first blooming tree or a little birds nest just hatching chicks. - 29857

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