Different Types Of Material Can Be Used For Garden Walling

By Patricia Connor

Have you ever seen garden walling and thought it enhanced the look of the garden? Have you ever wondered why a person would take the time to construct a wall around their garden? This article will take a brief look at some of the most common reasons people put walls around their gardens and what they use to construct them.

One of the most common reasons people want a wall around their garden is to improve the overall look of the garden itself. When gardeners choose to construct a wall around their garden for cosmetic reasons, ornamental grasses are a popular material they use. Ornamental grasses are easy to maintain, as all you have to do is cut them down once the season ends. They are a perennial plant, which means they will grow back every year. They grow tall and fast, and come in many different varieties, making them the perfect choice for decorative garden walling.

Different types of hedges are also used to add to the perfect look of a garden. Rose of Sharon is a common bushed used as garden walling. This is because the Rose of Sharon bush is known to grow rapidly, and can easily be trimmed back once all the flowers have fallen off for the season. The flowers are very pretty and come in several different colors.

Holly is another variety of bush gardeners like to plant to form garden walling. As with the Rose of Sharon, Holly bushes grow quickly and require very little maintenance. They do not bloom flowers like the Rose of Sharon, but their leaves will remain green all year long. They also develop small red berries that look very pretty against the dark green.

Grasses and shrubs make good garden walls and not only when a person is just trying to dress up their garden. Grasses and shrubs can also act as wind barriers, and protect garden plants from potentially harmful winds. In areas where high winds are common, hedges and oriental grasses are often used as wind barriers.

In addition to decorative reasons and wind barriers, gardeners also build walls around their gardens to prevent animals from tearing up their plants. We have all heard garden food referred to as "rabbit food". Gardeners not only have to contend with animals ruining their plants by digging them up, they also have to worry about animals eating the crop.

In order to successfully deter animals or prevent water retention, it is necessary to construct your garden wall with some sort of solid material. Some of the most popular choices are wood, brick, and steel fencing. Since some types of animals burrow, it is important to choose your materials wisely. For example, a groundhog or rabbit can dig its way under a chain link or wooden picket fence. It is wise to base your choice of material on the specific species you are trying to deter.

There you have it. While there are numerous other reasons for gardeners to build garden walling, these are some of the most common. In addition, just as many material options are available to gardeners everywhere. - 29857

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