A Story About Fences

By Jim Falk

Speaking of naked and exposed, I am assuming that there is a possibility that these people are - in addition to the BIG fencing - fencing that surrounds the lower part of their personal property. Yeah? Why? Do they not trust their neighbors, which are dependent on the division of community safety? Maybe you are not certain that the fence is really BIG big enough to do its job? Or maybe they want the privacy of their personal enclosure that really allow them to be ... ahem ... Not so naked and exposed in the comfort of your garden.

So we use fences for security and privacy. OK, realizing the necessity of all semi-adherent seven points more than three seconds to clear each and every one of them may not be all that effective in eliminating mischievous marauders. But what the hell, if you feel better ...

Let's move onto the transition to a small town. Take a look at the fence. Looking around, I see some four feet fence in the chain of back yards. Since almost everyone has two to three feet fences, thinking for a few seconds I would guess they are not built for security. It is obvious that neither of them care for privacy. So, what is their purpose? Oh, c'mon, you know. This is to prevent children from chasing squirrels out into the street - and to maintain the dogs from roaming off the night carousing and barking at strangers that happen to walk by. Oh, there may or may not be a dog or child currently living in the household, but you can know with almost absolute certainty that it once was.

However, what happens if the fences are so high, stable, secure that the fence blocks off all traffic? Oh, you'll see a little here and there about some of the premises. That is about it. Except that on-site decorative picket fence or rail may be installed to add a split log rustic look of the property. Hmmm, interesting, right? It is interesting that people who live in this small town feel so safe. Secure in myself and the comfort that they really know and communicate with their neighbors (translation: "friends") - and with the knowledge that their neighbors care enough to actually watch all the property to make sure no one just " snoopin "around".

What about privacy? What is this? If you plan to be doing something that you do not want to see someone else, I guarantee you that you back up in the house drapes. Other than that, nobody really cares if the neighbors are watching them mow the lawn or work in the garden. This is perfectly acceptable, and even merits a wave or a short conclusions maple or on the porch. (Ya gotta take a break from the task once, you know.)

The only fences you will see in this neck of the woods are those which have been made to prevent livestock (which would be like horses, cows, goats and pigs for you city slickers) from wandering off to nearby property. This is only common sense thing to do. Moreover, if we expect to personally benefit from the neighbor Betty is a fantastic tomato crop next year, would be wise to our cows from trampling her garden! - 29857

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