Water Filters. How Do They Work?

By Peter Abertoning

Many people are concerned about the healthfulness our drinking water. If this is something that concerns you, it may be a good idea to consider water filtration.

How does a water filter work and what does it do? Here's some of the basics about the water filtration process. Things that you should be aware of before you buy a water filter.

The first thing that you will want to take into consideration is why a water filtration system may be necessary. Keep in mind that there are many different toxins and chemicals that can affect our drinking water.

The different types of contaminants found in our water can have different effects. Some make water taste terrible, for example, and can even dry out your skin. And there are also chemicals in water that are known to cause cancer. So you really do need a good water filter at home.

There's different methods of water filtration that can be used. The first of these is the physical removal of solids, or physical filtration. This is really just a fine filtering or straining of water using a membrane that doesn't allow particles of a certain size or bigger to pass through.

Chemical filtration removes other contaminants by use of various chemicals to remove nasties that are of any size.

An activated carbon filter is an extremely popular filter and very effective and you can find an AC filter in many homes in our country.

How do water filters work when they are carbon activated? These filters are based on charcoal, which absorbs the impurities of the water.

There's in fact a wide range of different types of water filters available. For example reverse osmosis filters, ion filters and even water distillation. And all can remove certain types of impurities.

So the type of filter for your home is the one that removes the impurities that will be in your water.

AC water filters can remove a wide range of impurities found in water like chlorine and pesticides but there are also some contaminants that they cannot absorb. For example an AC filter will not remove flouride, sodium and nitrates. But they deal with the vast range of different impurities that are found in our drinking water and for this reason they are by far the most popular of water filters.

It is now possible to buy 2 stage water filters to overcome this problem with AC filters. Whilst an AC filter is very good on it's own a 2 stage filter will have a second stage of filtration that removes those contaminants that do not get removed by the carbon. These are now by far the best water filters that you can get.

There's quite some science behind how water filters work and any more than this will blind you with science unnecessarily. Suffice to say that no water filter removes every single contaminant, but that if you want the best water filter then consider a 2 stage activated carbon water filter. They are the best water filters that modern technology can produce. There is no doubt though that there are nasty chemicals and toxins in our water that you ought to remove before you drink it.

So for great tasting clean healthy home water find a good 2 stage AC filter. - 29857

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