Enhance The Beauty Of House With Prow Roofs

By Scott Rodgers

Building a dream home and its surroundings is the most important investments, one of the important decisions one can ever make. It is that part of your home that protects you from the extreme climatic conditions.

Various roofing styles give your home a beautiful exterior. The most elegant roof type is the prow roofing that creates majestic exterior which gives the building impressive height. Such roofs are mainly found in wooden houses or the viceroy- type houses.

Prow roofs instantly reminds of the ancient gable roof style. Unlike gable roofing, here the gables are placed very near to each other. In addition to this, the roof is protruding over the windows and ventilators to protect them from severe weather conditions.

Installing the prow roof may seem daunting since it requires accurate calculations. But, the process is easily carried out by most of the skilled roofers.

Going for installing a prow roof, adopt some important steps. Step by step installation is very necessary for successfully installing the roofs. The first act is to fix the inbuilt rafters same as in the gable roofing. Fixing the rafters in the middle of the roof is same as in gable roofs but in the extreme side of the roofs, construction is different.

As the construction progresses, rafter's top are fixed with roof cap boards. Normally, these boards are fixed right up to 4 feet at the ending edge of the wall. This height can be adjusted as per convenience.

Additionally, after placing the roof cap board, cover the entire roof surface with the plywood to provide a solid base. Next step involves spreading the roof tar all over fixing with the staples and tacks.

At the end of the roofing process, different roofing materials as per once choice, requirement and latest practices are then laid. Shingles are also installed over the entire roof. - 29857

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