Slice Up A Great Breakfast With The Krups Convection Toaster Oven

By Henry Jeon

Cooking and toasting have never been so easy with the Krups convection toaster oven and is available for you at many retail stores. The models availabe are wonderful for the active family who needs to get things cooking quickly and get on with their lives. There are so many features in this oven that it makes a wise choice for your home.

The Krups model has a sleek metal design with black exterior and looks great on your countertop. Because of its size it will take up a bit more counter space but is so worth it when you see all the functions it has to make your life easier. The fine tuned buttons and features are easy to use for any member of your family and the options of cooking make it simple to use. You will be out the door in no time with this appliance.

You can bake with ease with the convection aspect of the oven. Bake cookies and brownies and more and have a perfect process with the auto set features. There are six auto features in all with built in heating and timing as the device will turn off by itself. The heat radiates over three heating elements as opposed to two like other ovens.

The oven works great because the cycle of heat from the elements radiate from the bottom of the oven to the top and repeats this process until cooking is finished. With one touch you can depend on this oven to get the job done while you perform other tasks. Use the auto buttons to make it even easier. There is even a defrost feature on the device.

You can count on the toasting element of the LBC4 model as much as any other Krups brand to toast evenly. In the average toasting time it takes about two minutes to toast. It can hold up to six slices of bread and cook all of them evenly. Your family won't be fighting over the toaster as it can do it all at once.

The oven has an adjustable timer function for your ease of use. You can set in increments of one minute up to and hour and thirty minutes maximum. The over doesn't over heat like other toaster ovens. And you can adjust it while it is in mid cooking cycle which is very convenient.

The oven has bonus LCD display that lights up you clock setting. It also shows cook time and temperature of the oven. It comes with a slide out crumb holder and a baking and broiling catch. The two racks are reversible and versatile.

You won't miss a beat of your day by using the Krups convection oven model FBC4. You can be on your way and out the door in no time and get a great breakfast. You can spend more time during lunch and fix a quick dinner at the end of the day. - 29857

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