Cleaning Tips for Your Barbeque Grill

By Ashley King

One of the reasons why your barbeque grill might not last as long as you had hoped when you first purchased it is that most of us don't know how to correctly clean a barbeque grill. Many times, it simply comes down to being lazy if you do not clean up your BBQ after each use.

Instead of taking a brush to the baked on mess, a lot of folks check out the situation and figure that they can leave it to the next day. You may have the best of intentions, but not all of us do a great job of keeping such promises. So we wind up simply putting away or covering up the dirty barbeque grill, complete with charred food remnants and pooled grease.

The next thing we know, surprise, surprise, the barbeque gas grill no longer works properly. And the real downside to these situations is the ultimate effect on the taste of your next piece of meat if the grill remains dirty.

Since replacing a barbeque grill can be quite pricey, you really should learn to be more cautious when it comes to upkeep on the grill that you already own. It's in fact not that difficult to clean the grill after each use. In fact, it merely takes a couple of minutes to scrub it, let it dry and then put it away.

Here are some simple steps that should help you keep your barbeque grill clean and functional.

Your first task is to do away with the bits of food that have been burned black while cooking and are sticking to the grill. Hold off until the grill has completely cooled down and then scrub the inside with a stiff wire brush, preferably one made for this objective. Clean the interior of the grill thoroughly. Do not use soap or chemical products, since the remains of these products will enter into your food the next time you cook.

When cleaning the grate, first detach it from the BBQ and then give it a good wash with warm water and mild detergent. Don't use bleaching agents or harsh chemicals to remove any food substances that might be clinging to the grate.

To remove stubborn food particles, soak the grate for a few minutes and then vigorously brush it to remove the charred bits of food. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any traces of soap. Next, let the grate dry naturally, then place it back in the BBQ.

Make a habit of covering up your BBQ grill or putting it in a sheltered location so it does not begin to rust. - 29857

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