Various Traits Developed In A Plumber Through Training

By Scott Rodgers

Training is required in all the professions including plumbing. Since plumbing is not a famous profession as compared to that of a lawyer or engineer, many people think that no training or education is required in this. But in actual a plumber need to have classroom as well as on the job training.

Various learning options are available for a plumber, such as a vocational or community college learning or a advanced apprenticeship program. A plumber can learn various things as installing water pipes, maintaining waste, drainage and many more in these trainings.

A vocational school or community college can prepare you for entry level of plumbing but can not make you expert in that. An apprenticeship program makes you a professional and licensed plumber. Before joining a training program make sure that you know about the program requirements and able to fulfill that. Training school may require a individual to be greater than 18 years, pass a medical test, have a high school degree or any other equivalent degree.

After doing vocational training a plumber gets a certificate like Associate of Plumbing and Heating Technology. He develops fundamental knowledge of fitting, using tools, sewage disposal etc. This training does not make a plumber expert in his work but only provides basic training.

Apprenticeship programs provide advanced training and paid experience. Skills and knowledge offered in this program include blueprint reading, assembling and installing new piping systems, maintaining and repairing fixtures, faucets, valves and piping, testing water and drainage piping and diagnosing water flow. Tool use and other specialized skills are also learned through on-the-job training.

Plumbers make drinking water available to us by setting up water distribution system in our house or building. They do various pipe fittings, set up our toilets and do many more things to make our life more comfortable and easy going.

A licensed plumber is in great demand today. A plumber not having the license is not considered good for work. A plumber having good experience, knowledge of codes and regulations are preferred now. The traits defining a good plumber vary from place to place.

However, working opportunities for Plumbers is expected to grow by approximately ten percent between 2006 and 2016. New construction, industrialization, redevelopment and bathroom remodeling demand for plumbers. - 29857

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