How To Choose A Home Water Softener ?

By Scott Rodgers

How a softener converts hard water into soft water? How the hardness producing minerals are removed? There are many such questions which might be going in your mind. So here we will discuss about that.

The most popular method of removing hardness is ion exchange. In this process, the hardness causing minerals like calcium and magnesium are interchanged with sodium ion to make water clean and fit for drinking.

Resin tank in softener is prepared with minute beads of sodium ions. When hard water goes in this tank, the sodium ion immediately replaces calcium and magnesium. Softener control valve sends these calcium and magnesium ions to a brine tank. These ions are then used up by the brine tank and you get soft water.

Automatic softeners and Demand initiated regeneration (DIR) are the two softeners available in the market. Timers in automatic softeners manage the ion renewal, generally at night. However, Demand initiated regeneration softeners do whatever it has to do based on amount of water used.

Instead of these mineral based softeners other softeners are also available in the market that uses charcoal filters or any other technology to remove hardness but all such softeners are costly than traditional ones.

It is very essential for every homeowner to choose a water softener system that is best suited to his requirements. You need to realize your requirements and match them with the softeners available in the market.

Select a water softener that can meet the needs of your family. Let us suppose there are 3 members in your family then by a rough estimate you can say that 240 gallons of water will be used in a day by these 3 members. One gallon of water generally contains 10 grains of hardness that means your softener needs to remove 2400 grains of hardness everyday. Therefore, you need to take a softener that can regenerate ions with such speed.

Choose a water softener that is easy to clean, convenient to use and have good warranty. Take the softener from a branded store, reputed dealer and ensure that the product has an approval seal of a government agency. - 29857

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