5 Home Tips Martha Stewart Might Agree With!

By Sheila Dollarsby

If you have been searching for some ways to make your home seem more inviting it can sometimes seem to be a rather overwhelming task. There are so many choices to consider.

When the options seem overwhelming, just remember one simple and easy rule: less is more! You can accomplish a lot in your home with just a few small touches. Most importantly, keep everything neat and clean and add a few personalized touches!

Here are 5 great tips that are certain to win the approval of even the most discriminating homemaking experts, including Martha Stewart.

1. What could be a sweeter way to welcome guests to your home than by having candy treats on hand for them to enjoy? You can use a variety of candy dishes throughout your home and keep them filled with fresh, delicious treats like personalized M&Ms. The family room, kitchen, dining room and guest bedroom are the ideal places to set a crystal candy dish full of colorful M&Ms. You can match the candy colors to the dcor of the room, or to the holiday season. Personalized M&Ms that display the family monogram are a wonderful and elegant addition that is sure to rate attention and compliments from your guests.

2. Bringing fresh flowers into your home is a way to add color, style and beauty to any room. You can use cut flowers from your garden, buy them from a local store or order them online. It is easy to add drama to a dining room table with an arrangement of calla lilies and orchids. You can also create just the right amount of sunny cheer in a kitchen when you place a bright spray of sunflowers, marigolds and daisies in a simple vase. Fresh flowers bring smiles to the faces of all who see them, and nothing is more pleasing than being able to make others happy.

3. If you want to make a real statement about your home remember to always use fresh ingredients when you cook. Not only do the dishes taste better, your family and friends will appreciate your extra effort. Keep a small window garden in the kitchen where you can grow fresh herbs such as chives, basil, parsley and oregano. This lets you have fresh spices on hand during much of the year. It takes a little more time to find the freshest ingredients but this is a perfect way to show people just how much you really care.

4. Make sure that your home is always tour ready by keeping all beds made at all times of the day, except when you are sleeping of course! A neat and tidy bed will make a room look inviting and more beautiful than a room with a messy bed. You and your family both will feel better coming home to a freshly made bed! In addition, you don't have to worry about the state of your home when company arrives on short notice. Your home will always be ready for a spur of the moment tour!

5. Make sure that your home smells great all the time. To do this, first decide what your favorite fragrance is and what medium you want to use to promote this smell. There are lots of options including candles, oils, incense, potpourri, and more. Some of the cheapest options of course can be found at dollar stores, Wal-Mart, and Target. Keep your scents going while you are home, and while you are gone they will permeate on their own so that when you return the fragrance is still lingering! Whatever the fragrance and medium you chose, make sure that you love it and everyone else will too! - 29857

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