Patio Beauty Can Be Ageless

By Rene A Lacape

The best thing about owning a patio is designing it. You can daydream all day long or for as long as it takes to come up with your one of a kind design that will simply take everyone's breathe away. You need to think carefully of the purpose of your patio, what style, what materials, what type of furniture that will go in there. Are there any other accessories? If yes, what are they going to be? Do not underestimate your creativity by resorting to fancy dcor magazines. It's your patio, you have every rights to make your own design become real, displayed in your courtyard. A lot of hard work will be worth it when you start seeing results you desire.

There are so many considerations that must be made so that you have the best end of the stick. For starters, the texture and type of furniture which can be used must be examined. Are you going the wrought-iron route or do you fancy wicker patio furniture? All this can be related to your theme in order to make life a lot less complicated. If you are a golden oldies fan who liked the swinging sixties and wants a rainbow patio then wicker patio furniture would be the best type. This swinging look can be made complete with bright orange, pink purple and blue cushions on whitewashed oval table and chairs. The material could be stripped in a hard wearing cushion. Alternative cushion designs are circles of all sizes. Include a big fiery bonfire pit made from cast iron and vibrantly colored side posted offset umbrella.

A theme that will put your family in a fun mood every time the go into the patio is the beach style patio. To give this approach a more realistic look, you must first start with the furnishings around the sparkling aquatic pool. The pool side chairs can be in wavy curved teak chaises. Fashion them with welt cushions in hot tropic colors to brighten up the cool surroundings around the pool. You must know what type of shading you should use for your patio. A canopy is more suitable for open patio while small umbrellas are suitable for a patio that is shady. A warm and comfortable patio can be achieved by having a freestanding heater in the patio. It can heat an area of about 20 feet radius. An outlandish look can be created in your patio by adding thatch and a vine. To add a more contemporary look, wicker can be added to the patio to create that effect.

If you are not a theme enthusiast and just want a fairly good looking and unique patio then go for wooden treasures. A simple piece of furniture like an antique trunk can be incorporated into a patio by using the right patio cushion. Choose a hard-wearing, color resistant variety which is removable so that it not only lasts for a long time but it can be washed and changed when you are in the mood for another look. Linen straw is a natural looking fabric that looks even better on furniture that is made of deep dark red wood. More unique fabrics can be used for different patio looks. Aluminum also has some shear elegance moments and it matches well with shiny, opulent fabrics like satin and silk. The grand rocking chair is ideal patio furniture and it can be made from strong and durable synthetic wicker and finished with some very strong fabric. If you prefer lighter materials stick to wicker, metals and wood can sometimes be very heavy.

A lot of various colors and design can be incorporated into your patio so that it looks a lot more splendid and welcoming. Surprise your kids by making the backyard a colorful place where they can play, hang out with friends and even camp. All this is possible with the vital patio accessories which are a suitable patio heater - to provide the ambience and radiant energy, a perfect patio umbrella - to protect the family's skin, some ideal patio cushions - to add to the comfort and your favorite type of furniture which can be some patio wicker furniture - to complete the look for the perfect patio. - 29857

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