Create The Patio Of Your Dreams

By Rene A Lacape

There are numerous events worth celebrating in one?s lifetime like birthdays, graduation parties and weddings. A patio at home will be an advantage as it helps save time, effort and money for the party planner or host. If you want to buy a house with a patio, or build a one for your house, take into considerations the materials, design, location, capacity and ambience. Planning carefully and wisely for the patio has a good return on your part.

A patio is an extension of your home, and when planning on building one, it should match or at least be visually connected to the design of the house. For ideas, you can always check the internet and home living magazines. It the task is hard enough for you, or you?re not that confident with your plans and ideas, you should seek help from someone who?s had more experience in designing patios. Together with the designer or architect, you can start canvassing for the materials, outdoor patio furniture, plants, flowers, lights, outdoor umbrellas and other decorations according to your preferences.

In choosing the design, factors like space, land?s suitability for plant life, typical weather in the area and present structures of pool or grotto that can be used or enhanced with preferred design or theme. If the sun can be expected throughout the year, outdoor umbrellas are practical and cheap as protection from heat and rain. For areas with less rain, outdoor patio furniture and a playground for children will be great additions. A permanent and sturdier form of protection is recommended for tropical areas.

After the design has been decided, the choice of decorations and other outdoor patio furniture can be selected next. Patio decorations are frequently associated with nature. Since the patio is an area of the house directly exposed to sunlight, air and other environmental pressures, it?s a good idea to put up a garden or greenhouse. Again, the weather plays an important deciding factor; plants and fruit crops that need a lot of sun is convenient maintain in sunny locations; while plants that could thrive well with minimal sunshine can be placed in areas that receive less heat. A tedious maintenance should be anticipated, because of the required daily watering of plants and cleaning of dead leaves.

A large patio can benefit families that like to hold get togethers for just about any occasion. Inviting them for birthdays, reunions, Christmas dinners and so on will be a blast. If you have many small children in the family then you should be careful about choosing furniture that could be dangerous to them. You can go for wood instead of glass with hazardous corners.

| The patio should have a cover for protection from bad weather conditions. A bad unexpected weather can really ruin a well organized event. However, with a patio cover, you may have chances for survival. Outdoor umbrellas can shield from hot blazing sun as well as nasty downpours. Get yourself a mobile patio covers so you can set them up as easily as putting them away. If you live in place where the weather is an issue, you should get permanent patio covers.

Set a focal point for your patio. This would add a great refreshing look to the patio. Don?t choose a controversial type as the focal point is there for everyone to enjoy. It should also match the design and feel of the patio. Some popular focal points are bird baths, fountains and gardens.

The patio is a lifetime investment. Therefore, thorough planning, estimation and discussions with the experts should be your priority. Don?t jump into decisions quickly; good preparation will produce great results. You?ll be satisfied with the end product. - 29857

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