The Steam Shower - How It Works?

By Moe Kittaneh

Spas are used all over the world in every city. They help people to relax and feel pampered and one of the best places at a spa is the steam room. Here people do their most relaxing while getting rid of excess toxins. You can really feel rejuvenated and renewed after being in the steam rooms. However, most people nowadays do not have money to go to a spa every day. They would rather get the same effect in the comfort of their own home. This is where the steam shower comes in. The advances in technology have allowed steam showers to be placed in anyone's home to enjoy.

The benefits of steam showers are far reaching. They are excellent to have in your bathroom to create that relaxing spa like feel. It is perfect after a hard day of work and even better when you just want to pamper yourself. In fact you could get a private masseuse and treat yourself to your own personal spa.

What Exactly is the Steam Shower?

As a regular shower, the steam shower is enclosed in a stall. This is usually built into the bathroom in a corner or can also be centered in the room for a luxurious effect. Usually a shower will have a hot and cold tap, the shower nozzle and that is all. The steam shower is a little bit more complex with various steam outlets throughout the walls.

You can also use the steam shower as a normal shower for those rushed mornings and regular days. All you need to do is push a button on the shower and it will be instantly transformed into a steam room or sauna. There are even seats built into most steam showers to make it more like a sauna. There is even place for two people in the larger, more expensive steam showers.

The Workings of the Steam Shower

It is not all that complicated to figure out how the steam shower works. Just as steam comes out of the spout of a kettle when boiled, the shower will make steam when the water is boiled. This is done behind the panel walls of the shower and is activated when you push the steam button or the digital dial.

You can also control the amount of steam you have coming out of all the little nozzles so that your comfort level is set. Inside the shower steam box the water will start to boil up according to the levels you have set on the dial and release the steam accordingly.

So, if you want all the benefits of a spa steam room without the hefty prices, you just need to install a steam shower. It is cost effective in the long run. - 29857

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