Drought Because Of Uneven Watering

By Neoma Archer

It is the place where you really find peace and relaxation. Despite trying to find other ways or avenues to relax, this is the only place you have found that really works for you. And this is the reason why you make sure that you take care of it right and that you give it what it needs. The time that you have spent on it is already too much - in fact, you may have spent a huge amount of your free time working on it and tending to it. Yes, your lawn (or your garden) has become your comfort zone.

When drought come visiting, you definitely want to make sure that it does not feel at home. After all, that piece of land that you call your heaven on earth is definitely not the kind that needs to have drought in it. You have spent far too much time on it already and have given it the best kind of love that you could give. This period of dryness is only going to make your lawn worse and that is definitely one of the things that you do not want to happen to it.

No matter how much love and care and time you give to your lawn or your garden, there are times when what you are doing is actually the cause why drought come settling in. It may seem absurd to you but this definitely happens. And it should be known to you (and to all others who take much pride in their lawns and gardens) that one of the causes of drought is uneven watering. Yes, uneven watering can be the cause of those brown spots that you totally hate to look at on that carpet of green.

Uneven watering can definitely be a problem especially if you have not noticed it before. See, this happens when your sprinkler system is not working as it should be. Sure you may see that it still sends out water like it is supposed to. And you know that it does evenly water everything on your lawn because you have checked it yourself when it was fairly new. But it was new before and now it is not. And the elements and time has actually changed how it works. So some parts have been watered while the others have not.

Now because the system just does not water the whole piece of land like it used to be, watering has become uneven. There are spots that are getting too much water and there are spots which are not even getting any. You may not notice that right away but you will when there are brown spots starting to appear. Or those drought spots that you have dreaded to see.

Of course there is a solution. As they say, there is not a problem that does not come with one. So what you should do is find out which parts of your lawn are not getting the water that it deserves. Then check your sprinkler and see if you tinker with it so that it waters the whole area right. - 29857

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