Home Improvement Power Tools Tips For Individuals Looking To DIY

By Henri Shorneau

When it comes to home improvement projects, many men are as bumbling as Tim Taylor of Home Improvement fame. Yet, many women still lack the confidence to take on these projects.

The most basic safety rule should be obvious: Never use a tool for anything other than what it was intended for. If you have children, stress that power tools are not toys. Do not let them play with the tools even when they are unplugged or turned off. Also, familiarize yourself with the purpose of each tool so that you do not use the wrong tool for a job.

Power drills are simple to operate. You put in the proper size drill bit and turn it on to drill a hole. With some practice, you can easily learn what size hole to drill for various projects.

Now you're ready for your first saw. Reciprocating saws may look frightening, but if you can use a kitchen knife, you can use a reciprocating saw. You use this power tool to carve through wallboard and paneling.

If a tool requires protective clothing, make sure you wear that clothing. Sanders, for example, require you to wear protective goggles to keep dust from getting into your eyes. You should also make sure to use any protective apparatus on the power tools themselves. Compound miter saws often come with protective guards to be placed on the blades when not in use.

Power staplers do exactly what their name implies. These tools push staples deep into upholstery. A standard stapler wouldn't get the staples in far enough, and a staple gun will probably give you hand cramps trying to get it right. Power nailers sink nails deeply into wood, making them blend in with the finished product more. They also eliminate the risk of hitting yourself with a hammer and allow you to get projects done much faster.

Once you've mastered all these tools, you're ready for the big boss--the compound miter saw. This saw has a spinning circular blade and is used for making crosscuts in wood. Don't panic; this saw is far safer than you'd think. It even has a safety cover to protect the blade when not in use. Home improvement power tools are neither hard to use nor dangerous. By using them, you can gain confidence and independence--two things every modern individual should want. - 29857

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