Make The Best Use Of The Small Spaces In Your Wooden Shed

By Don Roth

Here is a simple, very inexpensive storage solution for your backyard storage wooden shed. All those spaces you have between the studs can actually be filled with shelves. A lot of people put up shelving but they attach it to the front of the studs, which leaves a gap between the back edge of the shelf and exterior siding. Here's how you make it:

The first step is to remove any existing shelving. By doing this, you will have room to work which will make the project go a lot quicker. Make sure you don't throw anything away since you will be taking them down only temporarily. Now, attach lengths of shelf standards between two of the studs. Shelf standards are rolled metal that are available in brass, zinc, or coated with colored epoxy (such as white). There are horizontal slots cut into the strips every half inch for positioning.

It is possible to route out grooves to put the tracks in so they are flush with edge of the stud but for simplicity, just screw them in so they are surface mounted. Put in two tracks going up the sides of each stud. They should be about three to three and a half inches apart. The slots on each side should be the same distance from the floor so the shelves will be level when installed.

Now you can take the support clips (four for each shelf) and insert them into the slots at the desired height for the shelf. Measure the distance between the tracks from one stud to the other. Now, cut 1x4s to this length for your shelves. Since the 1x4s match the width of the 3x4 studs, there will be no need to rip any boards down to size.

You can now reattach the existing shelves back to their original locations. Add as many small shelves as you want. They are the perfect place for all your small items you have laying around the shed. - 29857

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