Why Hire A Pro To Build A Wooden Shed When Its So Easy To Do Yourself?

By Dan Reiling

Just what kind of skills do you need to be able to build your own backyard wooden shed? If you don't consider yourself handy with tools, this can be the perfect project to learn some basic carpentry skills. The easiest way is to order a precut shed kit. These kits come with all the pieces and instructions needed to simplify the process. Since all the pieces are already cut, construction is as easy as laying the parts out flat on the ground and nailing them together.

Because of the shed's small size, building the foundation, setting up the walls, and putting on the roof can all be done by yourself (if necessary). For instance, when setting the walls, you simply nail temporary braces to hold the walls in place until you can attach them to each other.

For the most part, you can get the job done with only a few basic tools; a level, a tape measure, a hammer, a drill and a saw (yes, its still necessary to make a few cuts even though this is a precut kit). Use the tape measure to make sure the walls are square. Do this by measuring the length of opposite corners (top right and bottom left). Next, measure the remaining opposite corners. If the measurements are the same, the wall is square.

Instead of hammering everything together with nails, I would recommend screwing the boards together. It's actually easier than nailing and has the extra benefit of being a stronger connection and can be taken apart simply by unscrewing the screws if you mess up.

One of the most important tools you can use is a level. Usually, the longer the level is the better your results will be. But for this project, a 12-inch level should be fine. First, check to make sure the foundation is level horizontally. If not, you will have to add or subtract dirt or sand under the cinder block(s) that need adjusting. Check for level both ways - North/South and East/West.

Once you add the walls, check that they are level vertically (also known as "plumb"). This is really important. If the walls aren't level, square and plumb then you will have major problems when you start working on the roof.

Remember to have fun with this project as this can be a great learning experience. The real reward - knowing you built your shed with your own two hands. - 29857

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