Save Thousands In Wasted Money By Preventing Drainage Problems

By Lee Davidson

If you are going through the process of planning to build on the area around any property, one of the most opften overlooked areas to consider in the direction and the condition of the drainage. This should be an exciting and indeed wonderful time for you and your family. Drains run underground so it can be very difficult to gauge their exact location

An accurate architectural plan, drawn up by a qualified architect with input from a structural surveyor will of course help you to know exactly where the drainage system runs. One common problem is that plans change and you need to be 100% sure that the plans that you hold in your hand are the most recent ones, not some plans that changed subsequent to their production

If you break a sewer or waste pipe inadvertently, you will end up with a mess to deal with. Not only is there significant inconvenience incurred while you have to go to the bathroom elsewhere, the cost involved can be considerable. A far better option is to have a CCTV survey of the drainage completed before you start work digging up the garden

A CCTV survey can also help if you are unsure of the condition of the drains. Building over a problem is guaranteeing that you will have a far more significant outlay in cash at some later point in time. Before building a floor over drains, please make sure that you check out their condition and allow access points sufficient for future maintenance

If you are looking to buy a property and want to extend it at some future point, it is well worth commissioning a CCTV survey of the drainage system to help you with the cost projections. Knowing exactly where the drains run will help in the planning process. For example, locating a bathroom near to the sewer run can save you money and inconvenience and make a far better job in the long run

Some examples of where a full, accurate CCTV drainage survey may help you are as follows: Building an extension, construction projects in the garden like barbeque pits, building garden ponds, particularly deep ones, making significant planting plans, like locating tress that will of course grow over time - 29857

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