Lilac - Giving A Good Air Outdoor

By Kent Higgins

Many folks think of the lilac as being an all-American shrub because it is grown in every state.

There are many reasons why it is so popular. First, it is easy to grow. It is not at all fussy as to type of soil, and it thrives in either full sun or partial shade. After it has become established, it requires but little care and will grow and bloom for generations.

Another reason is its great versatility. It makes a magnificent individual specimen plant, goes well in a shrub border and is excellent in a tall flowering screen. Of course, the most noticeable reason why a lilac is so popular is its lovely fragrant flower. A few plants in full bloom in early spring perfume an entire neighborhood; or just a few flowers brought indoors will add a sweetness to the entire home.

Lilacs may be planted successfully either in early spring or in the fall. When you plant them, be sure to give them plenty of room as they will make a rather large shrub six to eight feet tall and nearly six feet across. If you plant them too close together, they will tend to be tall and rangy and will not develop into a neat compact shrub. Most varieties begin blooming the second or third year after planting and within a few years produce a gorgeous shrub covered with lovely flowers in early spring.

Colors of lilac flowers range from pure white to deep violet, with shades of pink, lilac, lavender, blue and red. All of the colors are rich and pleasing; yet they blend together beautifully and sometimes mixed with purple shower plant. This means that you can mix varieties in shrub plantings without worrying about color conflict just like what i did with my purple shower plant. Two or three of the finest varieties in each color class are listed below.

There are many hundreds of varieties of lilacs, all of them beautiful, but some which we feel are better than others. Check out the varieties are in commercial production, and are available for purchase from your nursery. - 29857

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