Bathroom Furniture - How To Enhance Your Life

By Moe Kittaneh

The humble bathroom. Or is it? Not anymore - if you just walk into a bathroom store nowadays your senses will be over stimulated with all the variety on hand. It's, basins and bath tubs, vanities and showers - not to mention all the accessories one would use to complement your bathroom furniture.

Cast your mind back to the good old days, when a bathroom was just a place to "go" to and nothing more. Bathrooms were dull and dreary with mainly white to work with. Furniture was sparse and was only there for it's immediate function. Not much creativity was parted with when it came to designing bathrooms in those days.

When the industrial revolution took hold of us, when things like plumbing and especially porcelain came to the forefront, things started happening for the humble bathroom. We were now challenged with making our bathrooms more aesthetically pleasing and accessorizing became an art form.

Furniture for our bathrooms increased and things like vanities with their basins, bath tubs, toilets, bidets, urinals and of course the shower had now become a necessity. With each piece of furniture, a set of accessories is also provided to compliment it.

Showers come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and styles - it could be in an enclosed area with glass panels or doors. The nozzles are also very functional which are adjustable and can provide you with soft or strong sprays depending on your needs. Faucets are made beautifully nowadays and can really enhance your shower.

Bath tubs have become a luxurious object to lie in and relax. There are also an incredible amount of shapes and styles for you to choose from. Popular with many people are tubs that have massaging water jets to sooth away sore muscles. Of course we like to reinvent history and many bath tubs have taken on the shape of our old fashioned ones that stand on legs. The legs are beautifully crafted to compliment the timeless faucets attached to it.

Toilets have become so fashionable these days that you can actually personalize their seat covers. The shape hasn't changed drastically over the years because of obvious reasons. Urinals and bidets have also kept their conventional look, just with a few teaks here and there, like using pretty faucets or using marble instead of porcelain.

Whatever your fancy, bathroom furniture has enhanced our lives to such an extent that we just can't live without them, and I have a feeling they will keep evolving to better suit our needs for years to come. - 29857

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