Jigsaw - An Indispensable Power Tool

By Rick Stuart

Having your own set of power tools is really essential especially for someone who would be interested in doing some workshop projects. The jigsaw should be part of your set of tools. The jigsaw, or scroll saw, is the tool used to make straight or intricate cuts on wood materials. It allows you to custom shape the cut according to the stenciled design. It is lightweight, making it difficult to cut perfect straight lines.

The jigsaw is usually corded when sold in the market. There is also a battery-operated model. The advantage of this baby is you are able to change the blades to let you cut through other materials aside from wood. The tool is generally used for wood materials. However, it can be used for other materials with the use of specific blades from the set.

You have to take note that the blades can possibly bend if they are used to cut through ticker materials or when they are forced to cut sharp curves on a certain project. But there is nothing to worry. One thing that you will be able to appreciate with the jigsaw is the replacement blades are inexpensive. Not to mention that it is easy to replace as well. There is no complicated instruction to follow in the replacement of blades. The tool is primarily used to cut thin materials. But you can use it to cut through materials as thick as an inch and a half. Just make sure that the jigsaw doesn't overheat or is not forced to cut quickly through thicker materials.

Another thing to remember is that the recip blade is pulled upward to cut. And therefore, all materials that you are going to cut with this blade should be facing down to avoid getting some chips on the finished surface. The tool will also have a bevel function equipped with it that will allow the tool to cut angles.

The price of the tool can vary. It can be available for as low as forty dollars and up. They are relatively inexpensive compared to other power tools. And jigsaws prove to be one of the most helpful tools in the garage. The price will depend on the brand, quality, warranties, features and power that the tool packs in its system.

You will find that most jigsaws have variable speed options, tool free bevel adjustment and quick release blades. Some may have dust collectors or blade compartments built in the tool. You just have to remember to keep your jigsaw clean and well-maintained to ensure that it will last for a long time.

Safety is also a must when it comes to using the jigsaw. Wear gloves and goggles when using the tool. Make sure that you only use it within the limits provided as it will deliver poor results or break down when used for materials thicker than the limit. Don't rush cutting the material to ensure that you are cutting the right lines in the right angles. - 29857

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