Getting Started on Your New Patio

By Chuck Westerly

Once it becomes cold outside, most people stop using their patios. This is a great time to renovate the patio, since it is not being used as often you will be able to make any changes you like with little inconvenience to the area.

Patio improvements, whether building a new one or adding to an existing one, requires some time and careful thinking about how you should go about it, maybe even looking at magazines or other homes for some ideas. For example, when considering the flooring of your patio, would it look better if you stamp it or keep it a slab of concrete? Does the landscaping around your patio need some updates or changes to improve the flow of the design?

Slate is a great way to modernize a patio, so you may want to keep that in mind if this is the look you're going for. A slate patio can indeed be a beautiful choice, as long as they are put together in the right way. With a variety of colors, sizes and textures, slate is a great choice to add a look of elegance and style to your patio. Because of the ability that slate stone has for giving you an posh, elegant style, they are commonly seen in many of the more expensive homes. You must be aware that achieving this look may come at a hefty price, but if you plan on using your patio often for entertaining during festivities, then it could be one of your best options.

To create a truly cool patio, you are going to have to think of some patio lights ideas. No patio at night is complete without some sort of lighting. You can use different kinds of lighting to highlight parts of your patio and create a variety of atmospheres. Additionally, patio lighting will make your patio safer at night as people will not trip on things if they can see where they are walking. Lights on or around the patio as well as your garden can be used in a variety of ways to create a very stylish setup in your back yard. Lighting is not that expensive and will give you a lot of bang for very little.

This is everything you should be considering now in the wintertime, so that in the spring you will immediately be able to start creating your dream patio. Knowing the changes you want to make now will allow you to be sure that you have enough time to get everything done to enjoy your patio by summer. - 29857

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